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Invasion: Online War Game :Account for Sell:

Commander : 50
Officers :
Henry, Tyrone , Massaiot (lvl3)
Pumkin (lvl3), Hanzo, Elina (lvl5)
Ula(lvl2), Daisy(lvl2), Zomby(lvl5), Colonel T (lvl1)
Peak(lvl3), Stephen(lvl2)
Angel lily , Lin (lvl2), Headless(lvl5)
And few more ..

Medal: good selection of top lvl medals

Research : all T4 research done Including defences. Production research almost done.
Building : All in main base 21 and resources tiles all 20/21
Army : 3M+
Power :180M+
VIP: 5
Alts : VIP 3 (5)

***** bigger account is also available and other zones too ****

Diamond : 100K + 80k (may be more)
RSS : 100's of millions of resources
Items and speed ups : loads of them
Price : $1800
Zone : 10

Contact me:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/hero.lord.3532
or Message me here

Pictures: https://www.facebook.com/hero.lord.3532/posts/512077268976368?pnref=story
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