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Selling SwordieMS - endgame xenon set, warrior set, leveling/drop set, gml/mlg



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Selling my endgame xenon set 55k+ ALLSTAT
All items are 25* expect for the ARCANE HAT, CAPE, SUIT, SHOULDER, and pants,
Comes with 25* Weapon Primed Scroll, 6L Prime ATT, 10% ATT soul
All items are 5-6L Prime ALLSTAT%, all items have very good avgs
Comes with a dreamy belt, and also 9.44avg gollux belt (BIS belt)
Comes with primed potted heart as well

Also selling my endgame warrior set 103k stat+
Mix of 23/25* items.

S> 9 set drop gear (655% drop) - all items are scrolled and 22*

S> Full Leveling Gear Set(25 items) all fully starred and scrolled, comes with 3 totems as well

S> 25* Arcane Claw $25 - non negotiable

S> 8 sets of balanced furys

S> Pirate Arcane set, 22*, 5-6L prime, comes with 6L Prime corsair secondary - $15 USD

MLG - 10k - $8 USD
MLG - 1k - $1 USD

GML - 10k - $15 USD
GML - 1k - $1.75 USD

PM me for more details!
Discord: Pengu#2711
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