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SOLD Starter x69 SSR, 40 000+ gems 25$

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FF7-125$ Order herevia Discord45 000SSR x69Cloud - Murasame x3, Enchance Sword x3, Butterfly Edge x2, Apocalypse
Barret - Heavy Vulcan, Heavy Hauser, Assault Gun, Enemy Launcher
Tifa - Sonic Striker x2, Leather Gloves x2, Grand Gloves, Tiger Fangs, Kaiser Knuckle, Holy Flame Gloves
Aerith - Fairy Tale, Wizer Staff, Wizard Staff, Mythril Mod
Red XIII - Junk Collar, Rage Collar x3, Noble Collar, Rubber Collar, Platinum Collar x2
Zack - Zweihander, Falcion, Enhance Sword (Z), Defender
Glenn - Apology in Hell x2, Shockbuster x2, Jiggy Fam, Personal Style
Lucia - Mad Minute x3, Serpent Eater x2, Barn Swallow, V39, SSR1976, Black Rifle
Matt - Espee Rapiere Next-G x3, Absolute Royal, Stingray, Prime Number, Core Defender, Killer Hornet
Sephiroth - Nameless x2, Edged Wings, Northern Lights, Mythril Type-0 Katana x2, Shinra Blade Model I
Yuffie - 4-Point Shuriken x2
Currently available payment methods:
- PRIORITY - Stripe (card payment with freelancer service EasyStart );
- PayPal (only F&F);
- PayPal donation (site boosty.to);
- PayPal if linked to Google/Apple (site buymeacoffee.com);
- Google Pay/Apple Pay (site buymeacoffee);

- Trade Guardian Epicnpc via Trustap.com.

More available accounts here

All my threads with starter accounts:

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