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SOLD Skull Trooper, Galaxy Bundle, Black Knight + STW

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Selling my Epic Games account, mainly Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the world but includes other monthly free games, one of them being Subnautica. 2FA is disabled, e-mail can be changed and name can be changed.

Battle Royale account has been since the middle of Season 1, all battle passes except season 8 have been made to tier 100.

Includes skins such as Black Knight with back bling, Power Chord with back bling and harvesting tool, The Ice Queen with back bling, Flytrap set with the pickaxe and glider, Brite Gunner with the back bling and pickaxe and glider, Fireworks Team Leader with the back bling, Fyra with the back bling and pickaxe and glider set, Galaxy skin with the whole set of back bling and pickaxe and glider, Kenji with the back bling and Falcon glider, Skull Trooper with the Scythe pickaxe and new back bling, Tomatohead with the back bling and pickaxe and 2nd style, Wingman with the back bling, Laguna with the back bling, Skully with the 2nd style unlocked and back bling and pickaxe, Nog Ops skin. There's a lot more and I will include a link to a rar file that has all the screenshots of the Battle Royale locker. Current Battle Pass tier is 58 but I'll keep playing until I sell the account.

Save the World power level is 101. All schematics are legendary. @ 106 are Bazooka, Grave Digger, Haywire Storm (pistol), Hydra, Jack-O-Launcher, Lynx, Noble Launcher, Room Sweeper, Siegebreaker, Super Shredder, Thumper (grenade laucher), Typewriter, Vacuum Tube Launcher, these are the ranged weapons. Traps @ 106 are Broadside, Ceiling Electric Field, Ceiling Gas Trap, Flame Grill Floor Trap, Retractable Floor Spikes. Melee weapons @ 106 are Spectral Blade, Stormblade, Walloper. Storm Shield Defense 5 and up are undone which means V-bucks could be farmed. Storage has 15k of Wood, Stone and Metal, 1600 Nuts and Bolts and more.

As said above, I will provide a link where you can download a rar file, which has all the screenshots of the Battle Royale Locker and Save the World inventory, quests and Armory, also StW heroes, defenders and survivors. https://www.upload.ee/files/9885637/Fortnite_account_screens.rar.html

I will accept Paypal payments. Starting price is 200 dollars, Buy Now price is at 250 dollars. Private message me, reply to this thread or add me in game: amfetamiiin (3 i's)
ip hash: 51406dcf30814b365a7fb1