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SOLD Selling SWTOR Account. Has unobtainable items. Satele Shan Server.

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Satele Shan
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Hello, i'm selling a very old SWTOR account. I am no longer interested in this game, and have moved onto other MMO's. I have a positive reputation on PlayerAuctions, i have posted a link to in one of my older posts. You may message me there and verify. I have also sold an account on this site a couple months ago. I am the original owner of this account.

Note: The Subscription for this account has been inactive for a very long time.

Account Wide:
- Around 700 million Credits on the account, spread across the legacy hold and 3 characters.
- Approximately 5,000 tech frags
- 300 cartel coins
- All refer a friend rewards (No longer obtainable). All pets and the Kurtob Alliance Mount.
- Rocket boost perk
- Cartel Market items unlocked to account:
- Reven Reborn Armour set
- PlateShadow Devourer
- Coastal Varactyl
- Life Day Snowball cannon
- SOA rest animation
- Mind Trap Rest Animation
- Kick Ball (huttball pass animation)
- Cathar Warstaff
- Canyon Bantha Mount
- Corellian Stardrive Flash mount
- Droid Officer Transport mount
- Volatile Conqueror's Lightsaber
- Prinawe Mounts from the cantina crates
- Extremely rare decoration unlocked. 1st Grand Statue of Mandalore, you can make copies of it for guilds for loads of credits. Obtained from Cantina Crates.
- There are other stuff too, you can check them out when you purchase the account.

Subscriber Rewards:
- Nico Okarr companion
- Darth Hexid
- Hk-55 Jetpack Mount
- Hk-55 companion
- The old Republic flair
- Live Stream 2018 Flair
- Shadowlight mount
- Altuur's weapons
- Kakkran Daggerstar Mount

- Dromund Kaas Stronghold 9/9 unlocked.
- Nar Shadda stronghold 8/9 unlocked.
- Yavin Stronghold 9/9 Unlocked
- Some Noteable Decorations unlocked:
- 3rd anniversery memorials and fireworks
- 1st Grand Statue of Mandalore
- x2 Anti personel turrets
- All utilities: GTN, Cargo hold, Guild storage, legacy hold, item mod station, appearence mod, all 3 jawas.
- Avalanche Tank deco, Wings of the Architect
- x2 Contraband Slot Machine
- Grand Statue of Revan
- Statue Of the Oriconian Warrior (From Mastermode Dread Palace Operation)
- Trophy: Lance Squadron Command unit (From Yavin World boss)
- Statue of Ancient horror (big one from Mastermode Scum And Villainy Operation)

Bound to Legacy Items inside the Legacy storage on Satele Shan
- Extra Corrupter Blade in legacy hold
- Tattered Mystics Armour set (BOUND TO LEGACY) - Obtained from korriban and tython Mastermode flashpoint farms with tokens
- Scions Armour set
- Conquered Exarch Armour set
- Kingpin's Blaster Rifle
- King Pin's Blaster Pistol
- Gray Helix Blaster
- Gray Helix Blaster
- Odessen Saberstaff
- Kingpin's Lightstaff
- Gray Helix Deflector Shield
- Gray Helix Defense Shield
- Gray Helix Focus
- Some spare furious color crystals in legacy bay. You can also remove the ones from the weapons and put it into something else.
- 57 million credits in legacy hold
- 5 cartel certificates, 48 Gray helix components, 54 Rakghoul DNA Canisters
- x5 Nico's Blaster pistols in legacy hold

Some stuff you can sell:
- 3rd Anniversery Fireworks and Memorials. You can't post them on the GTN, but you can trade to other players. Last i checked, people buy them for 20m+ each.
- 20,000 Firework: fountain consumables you can also sell in trade.

Level 75 Sith Assassin (306 ir)
- Geared for Deception.
- Amplifiers: x1 gold alpha strike, rest is gold armour penetration
- Augmented
- Has level 700 biochem (allows you to use reuseable stims/adrenals).
- Tacticals: Awakened Flame, Blade of elements, life warden.
- Companions: hk-51, Treek,
- 650m credits
- Notable Stuff:
- Dreadful Amulet
- Crest of the Dread Master
- Original Dread Master Armour peices (chestpeice and glove) - No longer Obtainable
- Full Dark Reaver Armour set, with the weapon (Ranked PVP vendor reward - no longer Obtainable)
- Some peices of the Obroad Armour set
- Some peices of the Brutalizer armour set, with the weapon.
- Corrupted flair
- Furious Color Crystals
- Avalanche Heavy Tank Mount (Rarest Nightmare operation mount)
- KDY Orbital Lifter Mount
- Kingpin's Rancor Mount
- Legacy Hold Droid Summon Perk
- Skirmish Zeldrate Mount
- Callous Conqueror's Armour set
- Sinister Warrior's Armour set
- Eradicator's Mask
- Resplendent Crown of Avarice
- Hk-51 Dread Master Customizations

- Notable Titles:
- CharacterName, Just a Little Furious.
- CharacterName, The Eternal Warrior
- Dread Slayer CharacterName
- War Hero CharacterName
- Battle Master CharacterName
- CharacterName The Unyeilding
- Warstalker CharacterName
- CharacterName The infernal

Level 75 Powertech (306 ir)
Geared for Pyrotech
Amplifers: x1 gold alpha strike, rest are gold Tech Wizardry
Augmented with 286 augments
Tacticals: Superheated Fuel, Sonic Heal
15 million credits

- Notable Stuff:
- Unlocked the full Mythosaur Armour set on this
- Has the Gray Helix Blaster pistol
- x522 unification companion gifts in inventory to get your companion influence to 50.
- Strike Force TaunTaun Mount
- Jungle Sleen Mount
- Cyan Sphere mount
- Concordian Scout Craft Mount
- Some dread forged armour peices in cargo hold
- Life Day Tinsel Bomb Toy
- Life Day Snowball Bomb
- Gree Hypergate Rest Animation

Level 65 Operative (193 IR)
Currently Geared for Concealment, can easily be changed
8 million credits
Level 500 Biochem

- Notable Stuff:
- Wings of the Architect Mount (From Mastermode Dread Fortress opertion)
- Imperator's Command Hoverchair
- Brutalizer Enforcer's Blaster Rifle (Unobtainable Blaster Rifle - and looks very cool, people keep asking about it)
- Dark Reaver Enforcers Armour Set
- Dread Master Combat Medic's Armour peices (Chest, gloves, Belt)
- Crest of the Dread Master
- Karagga's Unyielding Helm
- Underworld Enforcer's Blaster Rifle
- Avalanche Heavy Tank Mount
- KDY Orbital Lifter Mount
- Jungle Sleen
- Diplomat's Mediatation HoverChair
- Unlocked Feild legacy hold, and cargo hold droids on this.

- Notable Titles:
- From Beyond
- Battle Master
- The Unyielding
- The Infernal
- Warstalker
- Dread Slayer
- DreadSeed
- The Furious
- The Eternal Warrior
- Architect
- Just a Little Furious

Level 65 Sith Sorceror (IR 144)

Note: There are 2 sith sorcerers on the account, and a Jedi Sage to mirror it.

One of the Sith Sorcerers has the following stuff:
Currently geared for healing, but that can easily be changed.
- Notable Stuff:
- Helix Hyperpod Mount (From Terror From Beyond Mastermode Operation)
- Corrupter Blade
- Dread Guard Mask
- Jungle Sleen
- Has full Amended Mystics Armour

- Notable Titles:
- The infernal
- Warstalker
- From Beyond

The other Sith Sorceror is also a level 65, Revered Seers armour set is unlocked on it, it has the Kingpin's Rancor mount, Strike force tauntaun mount, And jungle sleen mount.

Level 65 Mercenary (181 IR)
Geared for Arsenal.
- Notable Stuff:
- Wings of the Arcitect
- Kick the Huttball
- Mind Trap rest animation
- War hero Eliminator's armour set in cargo hold
- Dread Guard's Mask
- Some other cartel market pistols on this:Fortitude Blaster pistols, Gr-4 ST Blaster, Balmorran cannon grek, Rk-4 Starforged Blaster
- Has the Head Hunter's Armour Set.
- Jungle Sleen Mount
- Mountain tauntaun Mount

- Notable Titles:
- The unyeilding
- The Infernal
- Warstalker
- Dread Slayer
- The Furious

Level 65 Sniper (216 IR)
- Notable Stuff:
- Gray Helix Sniper Rifle
- Interesting looking outfit
- Jungle Sleen Mount
- Crest of the Dread Master

- Notable Titles:
- Dragon Slayer
- War Stalker
- Dread Slayer
- The Furious
- The Eternal Warrior

Level 65 Sith Juggernaut (188 IR)
- Has Battle master's Vestment with the remaining peices being the battle master war leader. Kind of looks like Darth Marr.
- Also Has the Battle master Force Masters armour saved in the outfit.
- Notable Stuff:
- Has Original Kell Dragon challenger's Lightsaber. (unobtainable now)
- Has Karagga's Unyeilding helmet
- Carbonite Chamber Rest animation
- Marka Ragnos's Armour set unlocked on this

- Notable Titles:
- Warstalker
- Battle master
- The Infernal


Level 65 Sith Marauder (IR 171)
- Has 80 million credits
- x2 corrupter Blades From Nightmare mode corrupter Zero
- Destroyer's Armour set unlocked on this character. Goes for 1 billion credits per peice, but it's bound to character now.
- Flair: Captured
- Tundra tauntaun mount
- Jungle Sleen Mount

- Notable Titles:
- The infernal

There are other characters too, but I did not feel they are worth mentioning, this post is already very long as it is. You will have to explore the rest of the characters on your own after you purchase the Account.

My Asking Price is $500 USD. I am willing to negotiate on the price, as long as the offers are reasonable.


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Quite nice and friendly, easy to trade with.

We had an easy transaction, I would highly recommend this seller to anyone with assurance that they offer quality products.
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