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Selling my old Sky account as I don't play the game anymore. The stuff it has is below.

Event Items:

Season of Gratitude: (ALL items except Bird Mask, White Fur Cape, Deer Mask (ult) and Gratitude Pendant).

Season of Lightseekers: (ALL items except Light Umbrella (ult) and Lightseekers Pendant).

Season of Belonging: (ALL items except Bonfire (ult) and Belonging Pendant).

Season of Rhythm: (ALL items, including ultimates and Rhythm Pendant).

Season of Enchantment: (ALL items, including ultimates and Enchantment Pendant).

Season of Sanctuary: (ALL items, including ultimates and Sanctuary Pendant).

Season of Prophecy: (ALL items, including ultimates and Prophecy Pendant).

Random / Other: (1st Anniversary Hat, Blue Founder’s Cape, Days of Nature Earth Cape, Days of Summer Beach Chairs, Days of Feast Holiday Chat Table).

In-game Items:

Candles: 47
Hearts: 116

Isle - 73% Completion.
Prairie - 41% Completion.
Forest - 49% Completion.
Valley - 100% Completion.
Wasteland - 38% Completion.
Vault - 38% Completion.

If you're interested feel free out to send me an offer on discord: C11H15NO2#5938. I am most willing to send any screenshots you want,
Not open for further replies.