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Selling Selling my own 4 years MK Mobile account 43 Diamond card + ALL Gold- Maxed

Mobile OS
High End
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Hey there! Check out my account and chat me if you want it to get. I played this game for a long time and that's why I got almost all of the tower equipment by the end of November 2020. I uploaded all screenshots to prove.
P.S. There are over 4k upgrate chars and special attack lvl cards, 10000 souls to open packs you want.

I'm a newbie on this website, but I'm also using other websites with the same name so you can check I have successfully sold accounts and provided souls.
Contact me on telegram or twitter: @iamvanesso
Or contact me sending email: [email protected]

Screenshot_20201121-183136_MortalKombat.png Screenshot_20201121-183148_MortalKombat.png Screenshot_20201121-183154_MortalKombat.png Screenshot_20201121-183201_MortalKombat.png Screenshot_20201121-183208_MortalKombat.png Screenshot_20201121-183213_MortalKombat.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001151.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001158.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001205.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001212.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001218.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001224.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001230.png Screenshot_MortalKombat_20201116-001237.png
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