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Selling Selling extremly cheap gold at high/medium pop eu/us realms



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EXTREMLY LOW PRICE. I am not a middleman and I sell mostly personal gold. Therefore I can offer so low price.

ONLINE HOURS AND DELIVERY ETA. I'm online from 8:00 to 22:00 GMT. Delivery will take 5-30min.

1) face to face. I suggest you to put any blue/epic item in the trade window to make the trade safer. You can buy any blue battle pet or epic armor/weapon/recipe in AH for 10-20g for a example. For big amount of gold I suggest AH or Guild bank trade.
2) Auction House trades are safest. For example you put any item (blue or epic are preferable) in AH for 100K gold, tell me items name when you done. I will buy your item(s) then.
3) Guild bank trade is also one of the safest method. You invite me to your guild, then I deposit the gold in your guild bank. Or I invite you in my guild, then I promote you to officer, then you will be able to withdraw gold from my guild bank.
4) Mail (for small amounts - no more than 200k). Check the availability of this delivery method in Skype.


Moneybookers (skrill)

I prefer Webmoney or Bitcoins. So I can offer you a discount if you are able to pay via Webmoney or with bitcoins.
I dont accept PayPal if you want to buy more than 500k gold and you dont have enough rep on epicnpc. Though You may use any other payment method in this case.

EU gold 0.11$/k ($11 for 100k),
US gold 0.14$/k ($14 for 100k).
I can offer a discount on some realms, check in Skype.

Min sellable amount is 200k!

If you wish to purchase gold, send me a private message in epicnpc and surely duplicate this message on my Skype for quick response:
I want to buy World of Warcraft gold (virtual goods)
Realm (server):
Faction: Alliance/Horde
Region: EU/US
Gold amount:
Delivery method:
Payment method:
Then I will tell you availability of gold and the price, then you will write me a character name. And then I will send you payment requisites. Delivery will take 5-30min after I receive money.

Also selling any Blizzard game keys, game time codes, mounts:

World of Warcraft (EU):
30 days Game Time (EU) - $15(webmoney) or $16.5 (bitcoins, skrill) or $16.9(paypal)
World of Warcraft: BattleChest (EU) - 9$ (webmoney)or $9.9 (bitcoins, skrill) or $10.5(paypal)

World of Warcraft (US):
World of Warcraft : Legion (US) - $36(webmoney) or $38 (bitcoins, skrill) or $39(paypal)
Battle Chest (US) - $14(webmoney)
or $14.9 (bitcoins, skrill) or $15.5(paypal)
30 days Game Time (US) - $13.5
(webmoney) or $14.5 (bitcoins, skrill) or $14.9(paypal)

Pets from Battle.net Shop: $6
Mounts from Battle.net Shop: $17-19

Overwatch - $26
Overwatch: Game of The Year edition - $30

Diablo 3 - $13
Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - $13
Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer - $14
Diablo 3: Battle Chest (includes both Diablo 3 and Reaper of soul Expansion) - $24
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Reason - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/1009776-otherhero-Recalled-the-warrior-I-bought-from-him/page4
Buying 340k sargeras gold off of you


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Discounts for gold in Bleeding Hollow, Lightbringer and Thrall!

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Also Selling US (NA) battle chest keys (WOD content included) for 7.5$ per key only!