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Selling SEA High end Lahn 63 266/271AP Full Tet Boss 6 char level 60+ 45 bil cash

High End
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Multiple Accounts
Account Details:
SEA server, Legendary Package, account comes with e-mail.
13 character slots, 343 energy, 342 contribution points, 30,126 loyalties; 303 pearls; 1,500 sea coin; 3450 family fame (2.57 mil per day)

Storage: 45.06 billions in cash; 54.629 billions with Calpheon (main) storage

Main char
: Lahn level 63 (13,8%), 266/271 AP – Accuracy 336, 309 DP(139 evasion 165 damage reduction), 1924 skill points, 153 inventory slots (with VP), ~800 LT weight (with VP)

Full TET boss gears
TET Dandelion Crimson Glaives (level 3 carphas)
TET Kzarka Crescent Pendulum;
TET Kutum Noble Sword;
TET Dim Tree Armor
TET Bheg Gloves
TET Urugon Shoes;
TET Griffon Helmet;
TET Ogre Ring; TET Crescent Guardian Ring x2; TET Tungrad Earring x2; Tet Basilisk Belt
1x Dandelion Box, 13x Shakatu Seal, 10x Event Shining Shakatu Seal

Adventure logs: Bartali 15/15, Rulupee +2 enchantment, Herald 3/3, Deve 6/6


12x Alts including 6x Boss Alts: Guardian 61; Witch 60; Ranger 60; Mystic 60; Dark Knight 60; Shai 60; (decently geared for boss hunt); and Sorc 56; Kunoichi 56; Valkyrie 56; Maehwa 56; Archer 56;

Enchantment supplies:

Advice of Valks (5x 100fs; 1x 60fs; 5x 50fs, 1x 42fs, 1x +40fs, 23x 30fs, 1x 25fs, 1x 24fs, 2x 21fs, 30x 20fs, 1x 18fs, 1x 17fs, 3x 15fs, 10x 10fs (on main char)

101x Artisan memory; 535x caphras stone; 734x Cron stone; 59x Valks’ Cry; 848x memory fragments,; 380x sharp; 161 hard; 2x flawless magical; 12294x armor black stone; 4283x weapon black stone; 169x stabilized magical black stone; and counting…

Pearls, Loyalties and Event items:

P2W Naphart Campsite Tent
: 1x tier 4, 5x tier 3, 3x tier 1 (+10% exp, +9% skill exp effect bonus included)
Maids: 3x transaction, 3x storage
Fairy: Radiant Shining level 40 with an extra skill reset stone
Outfits: For main char Lahn: Kibelius Armor, Orchid Fall Clothes, Desert Camouflage set, Checked Beige Underwear, Star&Moon Earring, Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses; for witch: Labreve Armor; for dark knight: Sin Terrna Armor; for guardian: Ynixtra clothes; for ranger: Jarret’s Armor (tailoring coupon used); for mystic: Ahon Kirus Armor (tailoring coupon used); and 1x extra Desert Camouflage Box (unopened), 1x Event Underwear Box (unopened)
Value packs: 4x 30-day; 2x 20-day; 3x 7-day;
1x Blessing of Old Moon Pack (15-day), 2x Event Secret Book of Old Moon (7-day)
Item Collections
: 196x 60mins, 22x 30 mins
Trainer Flute: 1x Permanent (unused); 1x 30 days; 2x 7 days;
Clorince Travel Bag (16 slots)
Merv Plate:
2x 7 days, 1x 15 days;
101x Artisan memory, 1x Fairy Queen Might, 23x mount skill change coupon, 1x mount brand spell stone, 1x Equipment Tailoring Coupon, 3x item brand spell stone, 12x bell
Worker Lodging
: +3 Grana, +2 Old Wisdom Tree, +2 Calpheon Region
2x Kamasylve Blessing (20-day), 13x Kamasylve Blessing (7-day); 7x Kamasylve Blessing (1-day).
Sealed books: 1x combat 7 days, 1x combat 20 days, 1x life 7 days, 1x life 20 days
Other: 3x Ornette Dark Honey Wine; 2x Apperance Change Coupon (1 time); 30x Elion Tear; 8x Elion Blessing; 21x 530% EXP Blessed scrolls; 1x Armstrong Skill Guide (30 days), 1x Cliff Skill Add-on Guide (30 days); 2x Armstrong Skill Guide (1 day); 1x Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set (7 days); 3x Splat Fisher Clothes Set (7 days); plenty of dyes;

Mounts: 1x tier 8 level 30 on Lahn (Drift & IA), Camel, Elephant, several tier 5 horses, Bartali sailboat
Life skills: Fishing master 26; cooking Master 2, Trading skilled 6;

Passive income:
Worker Empire
: 72 (13/70 are artisans, rest are professional and skilled workers), quick passive money.
Family fame: 2.57 mil per day

Price: taking offers, will sell to highest bidder within a week or two
Paypal with middleman service (buyer pay fees)

My reputation on epic: https://www.epicnpc.com/members/havile.530813/

Feel free to contact me at [email protected]; or Navy#8702 (Discord) -> (prefered)

Many thanks
ip hash: 67c0255bb624e0bca3265c