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SOLD [Salrath] PvE Endgame Account | 19 Unique SSR

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Multiple Accounts
  • 19 unique SSR, only missing Lanford/Landius (6* Leon, almost 6* Tiaris, 5* Cherie, rest are 4* with the exception of Jugler, Dieharte and Gerold&Layla being 3*)
  • Top 5 Power around 27k
  • Empire/Strategy focused team, can also do Glory/Princess/Dark
  • Most content cleared barring Lv.65 Eternal Temple
  • Can reliably clear SS Trial
  • Good selection of SSR Equips, also has unupgraded ones for future use
  • Belongs to a guild which can clear 2x Hell in 4 days
  • Bonds for most heroes are 10/10/10/5-7/5-7, LV3-5 Big Heart Bond

(As of writing)

  • 61 days left of Goddess’ Blessing, 91 days for Dragon/Aniki+1
  • 3 runes, 2.2k Crystals and 34 Trinity Vouchers.
  • 800k gold, 7k Guild Medals, 10k Friendship Coins
  • 158 Skin Vouchers, Maid Almeda skin
Edit: Updated Cherie to Jormungandr's Eye/Slayer's Amulet Lv50, Ledin's Oath to Lv50, Leon's Death's Breath to Lv50

Pictures here:

Asking for $100 Google Play Gift Card. Bound to a dummy Gmail account which will be given upon transaction. Middleman is recommended.

PM me here or at Discord Muir#4166 if interested.​
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