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Selling Research / Lions 100% Legit & Handmade by Veteran WT Player - Verified Seller

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Member Since June 14, 2022
Total Completed Orders: 3
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Vehicle research: $0.5 per 10K RP
Modifications research (Spading vehicles): $1 per 10K modifications RP
Silver Lion: $7.5 per 1M SL

Research Point & Silver Lion are all 100% farmed by hand and 100% legit playing the game.

All farming is done by me personally (I don't recruit any other person).
I'm a veteran RB & SB Warthunder player and have played this game almost exclusively since 2013 (i.e. Since its beginning; You could call me a WT addict!), and know the game inside out.

I also provide coaching service, and can teach you how to play the game well (SB & RB). Contact me for pricing and further discussion.

I never use & never have used any cheats or hacks in WT, and I don't need to ... If the account gets banned during leveling (never has happened) I will refund your payment.
I can stream on discord during farming, if you need, and you can also check the replays, and if you provide any proof that I use cheats, I will not only refund you but also close this thread and stop my business altogether.

Requirements (If you don't have the requirements, I can also provide custom pricing; If you are not sure whether you have the requirements, contact me and show/tell me what you have, and I will assist you):

Premium account.
You also need a premium vehicle, one rank below (or same rank or higher rank), than the vehicle you want to research.

Premium account.

Premium account.
Premium plane with high SL reward modifier (contact me and tell me what premium plane you have, and I will tell you if it's good enough).

I don't play ships/boats. And I currently don't do helicopters due to highly nerfed rewards.

Payment via PayPal or Crypto (I also accept EpicNPC official middleman)

Contact information:
Discord ID: PeterWTWT#5936
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Reliable Seller, Trustworthy Service

I've purchased PeterWTWT's service for some RP, it went smooth, and the job was done in a reasonable time, I would recommend the seller.
Good service!

Good service, good price.
Polite and helpful with the whole process. 10/10, recommended and will use again.