Selling [Reboot NA] 26X Luminous 43k stat clean, 25X Kanna Farmer (Could be main)

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Selling my maplestory account as I do not play anymore and will be going back to school.

66XX Legion

26X Luminous:
BIS inner Ability
21* Reinforced Ring
17* Superior Ring
22* Meister Ring
20* Solid Ring
17* Sweetwater Pendant
17* Superior Gollux Pendant
17* Arcane wep
22* Superior Belt
22* CRA Helm
18* Sweetwater tattoo
17* Sweetwater monocle
21* CRA top
22* CRA bottom
18* Arcane shoes
22* Superior earrings
18* Arcane shoulder
18* Arcane Gloves
18* Arcane Cape
Lots of NX
3 Attack pets (non-perm)
Drop rate and meso gear in bags as well
60% Boss damage / 45% IED familiar

25X Kanna (Farmer / potential main):
27k stat
Full Arcane Set 17* (most gear is 17* for this character)
Full superior set
Sengoku Badge
Lots of NX
2 Perm pets

Asking price: $1200

Discord: Sassy#7773 PM me if interested :)
Report ip hash: 0d535f5b5e6750bfd9b592