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Selling Reboot Kronos Shade 260+ 29k Stat 3.4k Legion [ Offers Accepted ]

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[I only accept transactions through Paypal f&f, thank you.]

-General information-
I am the first owner.
The account has never been banned or suspended.
Everything is completely handmade.
Rest assured, I have been a seller on Ebay and MFC for years selling other things with 100% positive and trusted reviews with proof upon request.
I only accept TG Free if the buyer has MULTIPLE positive feedbacks or if you dont, sends 50% of the transaction through paypal f&f before getting access to the account and later sending the remaining money once everything has been confirmed.
TG middleman is ONLY accepted if the buyer pays the TG middleman fee.
No, i do not accept crypto or anything that is NOT paypal f&f. Stop messaging me about it.

-Account information-
Level 260+ Shade on Reboot Kronos
29k main stat
3.4k legion
Tons of nx equips including perma transparent nx for every slot.
Full superior + abso set
Equips sitting at unique and legendary with atleast 2 lines of stat. Some items have 3 lines of stat.
All main link skills at atleast level 2 some at 3
Arcane Symbols at level 18 and 19 minimum
High level 5th job nodes with some maxed
6th job quest done with minimal progress on skills

Screenshots of everything will be provided upon request for safety reasons.

-Contact me-
You can either contact me through EpicNPC or through my discord: lemmington. (with the dot)
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