SOLD Ramona Account Feoh Strom Screamer 101/ Healer 99 / 80 / 80 Ready For Oly!

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Greetings from

With the account comes of course mail and pass, so no one except you will have the access to it.
It's ready for playing PvE/PvP/Olympiad - this update brought a lot of improvement for Feoh so with this gear people will invite you to CP/PvE groups without problem and you will smash everything that stands on your way!
It has a normal nickname, without "XXx" or Country Symbol etc.

Price :cool: Negotiable via Livechat @

Take a look on the Account Description below - surely will help in making the decision :rolleyes:

Server: RAMONA [EU]
Class: Feoh Storm Screamer 101 / Heal 99 / 80 / 80


======== Skill Enchant ========
Elemental Spike +2
Elemental Crash +6
Updraft Destruction +7
Death Breath +4
Mass Ruin +7
Ignore Divinity +5
Arcane Comet Strike +7
Quadruple Elemental Blase +7
Elemental Burst +7
Empowering Echo +7
Air Raider +5
Crystal Form +5
Hell Binding +4
Death Fear +5
Mass Death Fear +5

and few other enchanted to +1/2

======== Weapons ========

+5 Blessed Helios Retributer 2SA 300Attribute with +15% M.Crt damage Augment! (best for Feoh - super low chance to get the augument)
+4 Blessed Apocalypse Retributer 2SA 300Attribute with +30% Mental Attack Augment! (best augument for olympiad, can't get higher value)

======== Armor ========

+6/6/4/4/3 Eternal Robe SET (full attri)

======== Brooch and jewels ========

Opal 4, Garnet 4, Tanzanite 4, Sapphire 4, Obsidian 4, Pearl 4, Blue Cat's Eye 4, Amethyst 3, Cat's Eye 3, Diamond 3
Magnificient Brooch 6slot (the best in game for now, augumentable, tradable)

======== Shirts ========

+10 Shiny Shirt (must-have for olympiad)
+7 Marph Shirt (Enchanting Bonus - if you like to overenchat stuff this one will surely help)

======== Epic Jewels and other stuff ========

R99 PvP Belt
Zaken Earring
Frintezza Necklace
Istina Necklace
Top-grade Resistance Earring - Mental
Top-grade Holy Ring
Venir's Talisman lv4
M.Atk Hat (10% M.atk)

and some other Stuff laying around in WH and Inventory like XP/DROP runes, 30k + PA points , Energy Of Destruction etc.

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