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Selling Pokemon Sword and Shield Choose 'any 10' shiny Pokemon In egg form 6iv Liste


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Hatch any Pokemon from the Galar Dex! Once hatched, the Pokemon will have your own SID, TID, and OT Name! Pokemon has to be in their base form. Legendary Pokemon not included!
You may choose any 10 shiny 6 IV Pokemon or request for 12 6 IV shiny Pokemon (no duplicates)!
If you would like 10 custom Pokemon, please use the following template to make the specifications for your chosen Pokemon:
Egg (Ferroseed) (F)
Ability: Iron Barbs
Level: 1
Shiny: Yes
Sassy Nature
- Gravity
- Leech Seed
- Gyro Ball
- Toxic

Extra information (if desired):Ball Type e.g. Love Ball

10 EGGS = 5 USD


DISCORD : jonathan2908#7295
ip hash: 29fc03a4cc04f6d08791c3