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possible doubts are at the end of the text, if you still have any doubts send it on discord PRO Macro Seller#7076 or ask in this topic

selling macro for movement + run + auto capture in pokemon revolution online
difference from macro to bot: bot is somehow linked to the game files or server, this facilitates detection and consequently banning (proshire was an example)
macro, it works regardless of whether the game is open or not, it's simply a program that in my case, identifies certain images in the game and does certain actions

macro options:
auto hunt and capture: it includes searching, running the pokemon you don't want, capturing the pokemon you want, with or without specific ability, in addition to 3 capture options which are, false swipe + paralyze or sleep + pokeball, false swiper and then pokeball, or just sleep/paralyze + pokeball (example: i want all charmander from cinnabar mansion false swiper + sleep, and i just want growlithe with ability intimidate use only false swiper and pokeball, the rest want to run away)
requires: synchoniser, false swiper, pokemon with ability trace if you want specific abilities

automatic repel trick: it consists of the same thing as the common hunt, but with repel trick, it will use repel when the steps are over, and if it finds any pokemon when the repel ends, it will automatically run
requires: synchoniser, false swiper, pokemon with ability trace if you want specific abilities (repel gligar, I just want gligar h.a) but you must have either the synchoniser at the repel level, or a trace that takes the damage of the trade, requires repel obviously

how to order a macro?
send a message to discord: PRO Macro Seller#7076
inform: your screen resolution, which pokemon you want and with which ability (you can ask for as many as you want per map), which map you want, what is your false swiper, what is your pokemon with trace (if you want a by specific) and a print ds your controls, make the payment and you will have your macro in a few minutes

how to pay?
it's 3 dollars per map, 5 dollars for 2 maps, payment is upfront obviously, since I'm doing a service and obviously I'm not going to run away, payment via paypal, metamask or binance busd/usdt

is this safe?
Absolutely yes
even if for some reason you are teleported, the game crashes, or someone sends you a message, the program will open a song to alert you (if you are away from the pc)
if they send you a battle or friendship request, you decide: between playing a song or not accepting these requests

do i need to download a program?
yes, you need to download the jit bit macro, on your own or ask me to send it to you, if you have the program, what I will do is assemble the script to run in the program, it's like needing word to open a text file
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