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Pokemon home Pokemon for sale


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Hello, I lost my entire sword save on my switch and as a result I'm looking to sell the pokemon on my pokemon home. All of the pokemon are legit. most of these pokemon will not work in sword and shield until the dlc drops.

Weare all facing hard times so I figured my loss is your gain.

Paypal only.

To prove I'm not full of I can send you a link to my eBay profile so you can see my feedback.

None are shiny

The list is as follows:
Legendary Pokemon:
Rayquaza (English ver) Level 70 $12
Rayquaza (Japanese ver) Level 70 $12
Dialga (Japanese ver) Level 64 $212
Palkia (Japanese ver) Level 60 $12
Gible (Japanese ver) Level 1 $10

Regular Pokemon:
Riolu level 1 $10
Totodile Level 12 $10
Pikachu level 5 $4
Coalossal Gmax Level 50 $5
Rotom Level 5 $5.00
Greninja level 52 $12

Contact me on discord at Narukami#6242.

Once I confirm that I got your payment. I will send you my friend code on home and we will do a friend trade. Please send crappy Pokemon for the trade.
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