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SOLD [PC] TD2 account, high end game, 4 characters, TW5, 6 exotics, multiple builds

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Multiple Accounts
Hi i'm selling my TD2 account PC version. It's ready to play all high end content PvE and PvP with various builds
Account includes 4 characters:
- 2 x level 30 in World Tier 5
- 1 x level 30 in World Tier 1 to grind specializations points
- 1 x level 18 to grind generic mods! (importants for new meta)
Craft station maxed on main character, others lvl 30 characters got base level craft station just to craft blue skills mods.
Main character got all specializations maxed, Withe House maxed upgrade, all side missions done, lvl 50 Dark Zone (all bonus active), 142/223 Blueprints (best weapons perks already unlocked)
About the characters appearance the account have all 12 Hunters Mask, 34 weapon skins, 13 Armor Dyes and a lot of apparel items (check image)
Ready to grind new specialization.
6 Rare Exotic Weapons!!!
Nemesis - Merciless - Sweet Dreams - Pestilence - Chatterbox - Pestilence - Liberty

LMG PvE 3/7/7: Best PvE all around build to Raid and easy solo grinding all game content
Assault PvE 3/7/7: Second best PvE Build next to LMG, Raid viable and also solo grinding
Assault PvP 3/11/7: Best pvp meta build at the moment, hard to build up, used to fight in Dark Zone or Conflict
SMG PvP 10/4/2: Second best PvP build next to Assault but also very fun
Nemesis Oneshot Build 6/8/1: Fun and efficient build for both PvE and PvP but hard to play, a little bit nerfed last patch, anyway last hit on elite now is 4 Milion instead of 5, check image
Rifle-Merciless 6/8/1: This build is usually used to oneshot boss/important target (not boss raid), it's hard to play but really effective
I also tried Shotgun Sweetdream build but in TD2 isn't really worth, you can play it just for fun in PvE
In the other lvl 30 WT5 character i got both set: Full True Patriot Set - Full Ongoing Directive Set (At the moment aren't worth, just the first bonus of patriot set can be used).
The account have a lot of 490-500 usefull items in the inventory/storage so you can be able to do all possible variations of builds and a lot of resources (also 6 exotic components).
The account is on Uplay PC and there is only The Division 2. I am the first and only owner, so after purchase you can change all the date and control the account. The payment method is Paypal “Friend and Family” (Because I want to avoid chargeback buyers and protect myself). If you prefer we can do everything through Middleman but you will have to pay for it. Price is 80 [euro]+MM fee (if you choise to use him). That is the LINK for the fotogallery. For questions and offer you can contact me here or in discord: FoxLegend#0383
Have a nice day.
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