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Selling [PC] Lv: 147 - God Pack - Exclusive Skins, Thanatos Odyssey and more



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Selling it cause i dont play anymore since some time, and i need money for other things. Currently looking for offers, im active on discord all the time if you want to talk about it eMiiX#1741.
Im only looking for Paypal payment through friends and family, and only with a Epic middle man. Buyer will pay the fee.

Skins and Voicepacks:

The Morrigan - Nothing
Agni - Volcanic, Swagni, Curse Agni, Infernal Agni, Voicepack.
Ah Muzen Cab - Dark whisperer, Killer bee, Solid Hornet, Voicepack
Ah Puch - Death Mask, Galactic Invader, Nutcromancer, Diamond, Voicepack
Amatersasu - Cerulean Sky, Ordo Solarus, Voicepack
Anhur - Olympian, Star Slayer, Clan Skin, Voicepack
Anubis - Gravehound, Stargazer, Afterlife, Convention 2016, Diamond, Voicepack
Ao Kuang - Tempest, Dragon Skin, Dragon Knight, Golden, Voicepack,
Aphrodite - Majestrix, Afro-dite, Diva, Beach Babe, Diamond Skin, Voicepack
Apollo - Team SoloMid, Elite Agent, Curse Apollo, Voicepack
Arachne - Black Widow, Toxic Cares, Grim Weaver, Golden, Legendary, Diamond, Voicepack
Ares - Destroyer, Diamond Sword, Ares SWC2016, Soldier of Fortune, Voicepack
Artemis - Wrangler, Recon, Convention 2012, Stalker, Primal Huntress, Voicepack
Athena - High Counselor, Red Star, Liberté, Diamond, Voicepack
Awilix - Blood Moon, Renegade, Voicepack
Bachus - Brynhildr, Father Chrishmash, The King, Voicepack
Bakasura - Death Machine, Butcher, Ravenous, Feaster Bunny, Rage, Voicepack
Bastet - Dominatrix, Covert Ops, Kawaii Pop, Golden, Legendary, Diamond, Voicepack
Bellona - Battle Maiden, Torment, Furiona, Voicepack
Cabrakan - Rampage, Gamma Slam, Nerd Rage, Voicepack
Camazotz - Nothing
Chaac - Hailstorm, Slaughterhouse, Boom Chaac-a-laka, Cloud9, Chaac Latin America, Chaac Brazil, Voicepack
Chang'e - Bright Moon, Sun's Bride, Moonlight Love, Lunar Tango, Golden, Diamond, Voicepack
Chiron - Chevalier, Voicepack
Chronos - Time Lord, Super Chronos 64, Father Time, Voicepack
Cupìd - Forest Nymph, Lil' Devil, Loverboy, Lucky Baby Fuwa, Bizzy B, Diamond, Voicepack
Erlang Shen - Nothing
Fafnir - Voicepack
Fenrir - Frostfang, Metal Carnage, Wreck the halls, Losrd Slashington 3, Ragnarok, Gold, Legendary, Diamond, Voicepack
Freya - Frost Maiden, Valkyrie, Pixel Freya, All for One!, Voicepack
Geb - Molten Fury, G.E.B. 1, Life's A Beach, Voicepack
Guan Yu - Unstoppable Blade, Master Guan Fu, Convention 2014, Voicepack
Hades - Classic Hades, Soultaker, Voicepack
He Bo - He Bro, Infinity Wave, The Sidney Shredder, Voicepack
Hel - Sugar and Spice, Solstice, Jingle Hel, Voicepack
Hercules - Lion of Olympus, Grand Slam, Derpules, La roca, Hunkules, Retrocles, Voicepack
Hou yi - Sunbreaker, Moon's Groom, Iron Crow, voicepack
Hun Batz -Shaolin Monk-ey, Space Monkey, Voicepack,
Isis - Scarlet Coven, Desert Omen, Clan Skin, Voicepack
Izanami - Nothing
Janus - Gatekeeper, Jandroid, Keymaster, BA5s Drop, Diamond, Voicepack
Jing Wei - Reborn, Voicepack
Kali - Demon Slayer, Crimson Death, Convention 2013, Trophy Hunter, Skaliwag, Voicepack
Khepri - Imperator, Horned beetle, Steel Scarab, Hug Bug, Ladybug, Clan skin, Voicepack
Kukulkan - Typhoon, Sacred Dragon, Kuku, Sir Pentsworth IV, Void Wyrm, Polar Vortex, Voicepack
Kumbhakarna - Pajama Party, Kumbhalayan yeti, Voicepack
Loki - SSSlither, Infiltrator, Grim Mariachi, Voicepack
Medusa - Black Gorgon, Mortal Coil, Idusa, Voicepack
Mercury - Run.exe, Prizefighter, Shaolin Fury, Voicepack
Ne Zha - Blue Lotus, Cyberpunk, Voicepack
Neith - Mischievous, Ms. Diagnosis, Buccaneith, Carnaval Queen, Instakill, Harajuku, Diamond, Voicepack
Nemesis - No Mercy, Blind Vengeance, Leona JPF, Executioner, Voicepack
Nike - Nothing
Nox - Crimson Eclipse, Madame Darkness, Voicepack
Nu Wa - Amethyst, Nice and Naughty, Water Dancer, Nu Horizons, Diamond, Voicepack
Odin - The Huntsman, Mountain Man, Daimyodin, Voicepack
Osiris - Frakenhotep, The Re-Animated, Voicepack
Poseidon - The Earthshaker, Dreadbeard, King of the deep, Voicepack
Ra - Silve-Ra-Do, Solar Sentinel, Solar Eclipse, Alienware, Ra'Merica, Voicepack
Raijin - Voicepack
Rama - Orbital Strike, Voicepack
Ratatoskr - Flurry, Ragnatoskr, Voicepack
Ravana - Tyrant, Rock from bisrakh, King of the ring, Voicepack
Scylla - Tiny Terror, Daisy Despair, Lil' Red, COG Scylla, Child's Play, Dragon Queen, Golden, Legendary, Diamond
Serqet - Venom, Madame Blade, Desert Queen, Demonsoul, Dread Queen, Ebonsoul, Diamond, Voicepack
Skadi - Winter's Wrath, Voicepack
Sobek - High Seas, Crikeydile, Kaiju, Voicepack
Sol - Supernova, Polaris, Epsolon, Soulless Machine, Voicepack
Sun Wukong - Silver Sage, Dark Lord, Heavenly Warlord, Team Solomid, Voicepack
Susano - Scarlet Storm, Voicepack
Sylvanus - Permafrost, Season Spirit, Dr. Vanus, Voicepack
Terra - Nothing
Thanatos - Soul Harvester, Jack the Reaper, Archon, Gold, Legendary, Diamond, Voicepack
Thor - Heavy Metal, Righteous Hammer, Blood Eagle, Iron Gamer, Wrath of Valhalla, Ragnarok Force X, Clan Skin, Diamond, Voicepack
Thoth - Nothing
Tyr - Dark Judgement, Privatyr, King Ar-Tyr, Sock Puppetyr, Convention 2015, Clan Skin, Diamond, Voicepack
Ullr - The Survivor, Berserker, Voicepack
Vamana - Lil' Mana, Cangaceiro, Voicepack
Vulcan - Sentry, Warforged, Voicepack
Xbalanque - Jungle Beast, Shinobalanque, Jaguar Footballer, SPL 2015(NA), SPL 2015(EU), Voicepack
Ymir - Obsidian Shard, Digi-Mir 9000, Nuclear Winter, Irezumir, Diamond, Voicepack
Zeus - Stormbringer, Almighty, Thunderhead, Wrath of Olympus, Uncle Zeus, SWC 2016, voicepack
Zhong Kui - G.I.Zhong, Demon Catcher, Voicepack

Last time i played got 1 or 2 voicepacks for some of the new gods, but dont remember right now wich ones. Could re-download the game and check it if you need.

95+ Exclusive Skins
18+ Limited Skins

Smite Odyssey 2015 [Archon Thanatos]
Smite Odyssey 2016 [Ragnarok X Thor]
Summer of Smite 2015 [Star Slayer Anhur]
Season Ticket 2015 [All Rewards]

God Pack active, all gods unlocked included new ones.

18 Gods Mastery X - (Mastery 10), with each diamond skin.

74 Icons, including exclusive ones, like: swc event, streamer icons, Beta tester, partner webs (tiermonser etz)
41 Ward Skins, inclusing exclusive ones, like: swc event, pro teams, Latin and brazilian esports, odyssey etz.
Announcer Packs: Bart, DM, Drybear, Inuki, Khepri, Mezmoreyez, Nox, Swagni
Loading Frames: 2015 World Championship, Berserker Diamond Joust, Berserker Platinum Conquest, Japanese Frame, Rage Platinum Joust, Season Ticket 2015, Winter Holidays
Pedestals: Beat-Box, Kiddie Pool, Smite World Championship 2015
Global Emotes: Chinese Lantern, Fireworks, SWC Fireworks
Music Themes: From the nether, Japanese theme, Jetpack fighter, Ragnarokk Thor X
1 Divine Chest for future swc items
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