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Original Owner selling stacked account with WoW , D3 , Hots , Destiny 2 and OW

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As title says I am selling my own account since I am no longer interested in any BNET game. First off would like to say that I have no game time on WoW anymore so I cant provide ingame screenshots of my inventory etc. I can only provide what is currently equipped on my main character and what mounts the account has. The account was made before Mist Of Pandaria expansion so it has a lot of goodies.

For Overwatch I only took screenshots of my skins and 1 competetive season played. Imgur below.

OW : https://imgur.com/a/A6wkfFj

Account has Destiny 2 with not even 3 hours played.

For Diablo 3 I am doing a Bonus. This account has the Illidan Wings but sadly I never had Diablo 3 on this account. So I will give my alt account as a bonus which has Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls and World of warcraft Mist of Pandaria expansion.

Account has Paragon lvl 482 with Wings and small progress nothing much. I have the Shadows Grasp full set.

D3 Screenshot :

For HotS I have some rare stuff from around 1-2 years ago when they had some events. Although I cant enter the game due to some issues with the game client.

For World of Warcraft I cannot provide current state screenshots so I will list it here by hand.

- The account has over 9 lvl 100 characters.
- Fire Mage 940 Ilvl with several legendaries , current equipped ones are Koralon´s Burning Touch and Marquees Binding Of The Sun both being Ilvl 1000.
- 8185 Achievement Points.
- Rare Achievements such as : Ahead of the Curve on Gul´Dan , Xavius and The Black Gate. Also "Time is a Flat Circle".
10th , 11th , 13th Anniversary achievements.
"Did Someone Say...?" with this achievement I have spare stacks of Thunderfury transmog and Edwin Van Cleef inflatable transmog.
"Iron Invasion".
And for the rare promotion achievements it has Warlords of Draenor Collectors Edition.
Heroes of the storm promotion which gave me Herald of Flames and Hero of the Storm achievement.
Movie promotion achivements and the account has the movie transmogs we got back in 2016. And for the last promo achievement "Patron of War" which granted me that title.

To move on to the mounts I will provide screenshot but for those who might miss it or dont know the rare mounts I have are by followed: Dread Raven , Grove Warden , Hearthsteed , Golden King , Obsidian Nightwing , Primal Flamesaber , Illidari Felstalker , Warlords Deathweel.

Screenshot for mounts : https://imgur.com/a/XZ81EpL.

It has all flying including Legion and almost max reputation in all regions across legion. I will provide my armory link below. The account has around 300k gold along with other legendaries and plenty of stuff which I sadly cant remember.

Character :

Account Is located in EU on server Deathwing but as we call know you can migrate.

Further questions and information you can contact me on Discord where I am almost 95% active on.

For Safety purposes I will deliver the account to you when you decide to buy it. Bascially what I mean is I have personal information such as my real name , email adress , where i live etc on my WoW account so when you decide to buy the account I will remove all information and change email to desired one.

The battle net account I have heavily invested in almost 450 Euros
I will provide screenshot of that aswell incase you want to add you the numbers yourself.

If you do not want to purchase through here etc you can contact me on discord and I will even take direct payments on my paypal.

I will use middleman for this and I will use someone from EpicNpc so dont waste time trying to "go first" or make me go first it wont work.

- - - Updated - - -

If for some people this is too much of a price the lowest i can go is 350 Euros
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Lowered price because I thought it might have been too high maybe even tho I do not think so but even so I have lowered.
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Multiple Accounts
I have Origin account with Battlefield 1 + 2DLC and BF4 + premuim and Sims 4 and Crysis 3 and more
I can provide screenshots if u want
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