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NA Striker - LVL 60+ with 562 Renown Score + Gear worth 27000M (27 Billions+)

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NA Striker - LVL 60+ with 562 Renown Score + Gear worth 27000M+ ( 27 BILLIONS+)

Print Screens with Gear + Inventory + Premium/Pearl stash:

I'm the Original (and only) owner of the account, which means you're 100% guaranteed to keep the account after the purchase, thus there will be no chargebacks or account retrieval problems. Issues tend to occur mainly when you buy from a reseller ( who can't guarantee you anything, as he doesn't have control over original owner ) or a seller with low trade rating. You will get full control of both the Black Desert account, as well as the email associated with it.

Highlights: Here are some aspects that I've been asked about both regarding this account and past Black Desert accounts that I've sold:

⭐ Class and Level: Striker, Level 60+ / Server: North America / Platform: PC
⭐ Gear Score: Attack Power: 266 ; Awakened Attack Power 268 ; Defence Power: 294
⭐ Equipped Gear value: 27000M+ (27 BILLIONS+)
⭐ Extra: 66 days of Permanent 100% Extra Combat XP and 50% Skill XP ( Sealed Book of Combat in inventory that can be activated anytime ) and 40+ Scrolls of 530% Combat & Skill XP along with other various XP scrolls. It also has quite a few failstacks (Advice of Valks), from +10 to +150.
⭐ 370 Combat XP Scrolls ( Mercenary Experience - 60 minutes, Combat EXP +100% ), 40+ Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (Combat EXP + 300%, Skill EXP +300%), 55+ Blessed Message Scroll - 100 minutes (Combat EXP +200%, Skill EXP +30%) + many other Combat and Life XP Scrolls
⭐ 8 Pets ( Tier 3 Cat + Tier 1 Dog + Tier 1 Squirell + Tier 1 Chicken + Tier 1 Chicken + Tier 1 Chicken + Tier 1 Ghospy + Tier 1 Ghospy )
⭐ 14 Maids ready to be used ( 8 Storage Maid + 6 Transaction Maids )
⭐ Premium Costume ( Darkbane Classic Set )
⭐ Premium Costume 2 ( Treasurable Memories Classic Box, unopened and available for any class )
⭐ 99 days of "Blessings of Kamasylve" items that increase your Item drop rate with 20% and +2 Energy Recovery, along with having increased capacity/weight buffs ( Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2000VT Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100VT, Storage Transport Weight Limit +1500LT )
⭐ 89 days of "Secret Book of the Old Moon" items that increase your Combat EXP by 100%, Skill EXP +50%, Life EXP +50%, Stable Slot +1, Wharf Slot +1 and offers you the following perks while the buff is active: Reset (enhanced ) skills freely, Change skill add-ons freely, Change Skill Preset in Safe Zone ( Cooldown: 1 hour ), Buy villa scrolls via your campsite without having a villa invitation
⭐ 51 days of "Value Pack"
⭐ Tier 7 Horse
⭐ 210+ Artisan's Memory
⭐ 80+ Elion's Tear/Blessings
⭐ 180+ Valk's Cry
⭐ 4300+ Cron Stones
⭐ Full TET Boss Armor set, TET Boss Weapons and TRI/TET/PEN Accesories as follows:
- TET Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
- TET Giath's Helmet
- TET Bheg's Gloves
- TET Muskan's Shoes
- TET Kzarka Gauntlet
- TET Dandelion Gardbrace
- TET Nouver Vambrace
- TET Crescent Ring
- Capotia Ring
- PEN Capotia Necklace
- TET Basilisk's Belt
- Capotia Earring
- TET Tungrad Earring

PRICE: $290 OR 265€
The transaction will be made through a secure 3rd party website or by using a well known Middleman. I also accept cryptocurrencies ( like Bitcoin ). I won't accept direct Paypal payments. As written before, you can still use paypal or any other payment options, but it has to be done through a 3rd party service that will verify your payment details !


DISCORD: Invisibility22#7050
SKYPE: Invisibility22
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