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Selling NA Striker - LVL 60+ with 482 Renown Score + Gear worth 1500M+ (1.5 Billions+)

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NA Striker - LVL 60+ with 482 Renown Score + Gear worth 1500M+ ( 1.5 BILLIONS+ )

Print Screens with Gear + Inventory + Premium/Pearl stash:

I'm the Original (and only) owner of the account, which means you're 100% guaranteed to keep the account after the purchase, thus there will be no chargebacks or account retrieval problems. Issues tend to occur mainly when you buy from a reseller ( who can't guarantee you anything, as he doesn't have control over original owner ) or a seller with low trade rating. You will get full control of both the Black Desert account, as well as the email associated with it.

Highlights: Here are some aspects that I've been asked about both regarding this account and past Black Desert accounts that I've sold:
⭐ Class and Level: Striker, Level 60+ / Server: North America / Platform: PC
⭐ Gear Score: Attack Power: 182 ; Awakened Attack Power 184 ; Defence Power: 300
⭐ Assets/Gear + Silver: 1700M+ (1.7 BILLIONS+)
⭐ Extra: 3 days of Permanent 100% Extra Combat XP and 50% Skill XP ( Sealed Book of Combat in inventory that can be activated anytime ) and 40+ Scrolls of 530% Combat & Skill XP along with other various XP scrolls. It also has quite a few failstacks (Advice of Valks), from +19 to +40.
⭐ 3 Pets + 2 Maids ready to be used ( 1 Storage Maid + 1 Transaction Maid )
⭐ 7 days of "Blessings of Kamasylve" items that increase your Item drop rate with 20% and +2 Energy Recovery, along with having increased capacity/weight buffs ( Central Market Warehouse Capacity +2000VT Transaction Maid Volume Limit +100VT, Storage Transport Weight Limit +1500LT )
⭐ 20 Artisan's Memory
⭐ 10+ Elion's Tear/Blessings
⭐ Full TRI Boss Armor ( some of the armor pieces are suppressed, while other armor pieces are the ones that can be further enchanted up to PEN ). It varies from one account to another, so if you have any questions before you make a purchase, you can add me to either Discord or Skype and ask

PRICE: $160 OR 150€
The transaction will be made through a secure 3rd party website or by using a well known Middleman. I also accept cryptocurrencies ( like Bitcoin ). I won't accept direct Paypal payments. As written before, you can still use paypal or any other payment options, but it has to be done through a 3rd party service that will verify your payment details !

DISCORD: Invisibility22#7050
SKYPE: Invisibility22
ip hash: dbce4184a3c7e744968293