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SOLD [NA] Endgame account | 30 SSR | Supports include Merlin, Tamamo, and Waver

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I will no longer be playing the game due to personal matters.

Notable things on this account:
* NP5 King Hassan lvl 100 with max skills
* NP5 Sessyoin Kiara lvl 100 with max skills
* NP5 Rider alter with max skills
* NP5 Caster Nero with max skills
* NP5 Caster Gil
* NP5 Helena
* NP5 Alter Emiya
* NP5 Lancer Elizabeth
* NP5 Heracles
* NP5 Tamamo (Berserker)
* NP5 Atalante
* NP4 Fran
* NP2 Musashi
* NP2 Raikou
* NP2 Waver with max skills
* Merlin with max skills
* Tamamo with max skills
* Golden Sumo lvl 100
* Story progression: Finished

B/O is 1000$ through PayPal (F&F) but will accept offers near B/O price.

Please contact me via Discord: Onohan#7849
Please PM me or leave a message on this thread for verification.
Not open for further replies.