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Selling Miller TR + ASP for free, KD3, 140k certs investment.


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I am selling my account - http://ps2.fisu.pw/player/?name=megapihari&show=statistics
Your reasons to buy it.
1. ASP for free, you don't need to spend money on it and to buy membership!
2. Already 140 000 certs invetsment!
3. Unique statistics on whole server! - http://ps2.fisu.pw/leaderboard/player//?item=7192#kills - second place on Miller!
4. Not bad statistics -KD 3
5. A lot of implants with final level!
6. You buying your time! I spend on it a lot. For me it tooks 7 month . And for others to make like this it will tooks a year. You just buying and enjoy of gaming!
5 lvl
Ammo Printer
Battle Hardened
Combat Surgeon
Ocular Shield
Robotics Technician
Sensor Shield
Sweeper Hud

4 lvl
Safe Fall
Target Focus
Nanomesh Specialist

3 lvl
Deep Operative

Minor Cloack

***Infatry Cosmetics***

Republic Guard helmet - all classes
Salvaged Platinum Compound Helmet - all classes
Havoc Engineer Armor - engeneer only
Engineer composite armor
Engeener Auraxium Armor
Solid Gray Camo - imposible to buy any more. Similar to black camo!
White Camo
Light Assault Composite Helmet
TR-LA002 Standart Helmet - light assault only
Light Assault composite Armor
Medic Composite Helmet
Heavy Assault Composite Armor
MAX Composite Helmet
MAX composite ARmor
Huge amount of decals

---- Vechicles cosmetics ----
Golden Snowman Hood ornament
Lots of decals
Sunderer Lighting White Chassis
Mosquito Cockpit Decal
Galaxy Intake
ANT White Chassis Lights
Flash White chasis lightings
Harraser - Trail Trasher Tire SPikes
Liberator Viper Fins
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