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God Pack






Afrodita: Recolor Majestrix, Skin Afro-Dite, Skin Diva, Exclusive Beach Babe VP

Agni: Recolor: Incinerator, Tier 2 Volcanic, Skin Swagni, Exclusive Gemini, Exclusive Encore VP

Ah muzen cab: Recolor Sting, Tier 2 Killer Bee, Skin Dark Whisperer, Exclusive Swarm sentry, Exclusive Itty Bitty Chibee, Limited Solid Hornet Vp

Ah puch: Recolor Death Mask VoicePack

Amaterasu: Recolor Cerulean Sky, Tier 2 Shining Heaven, Exclusive Foxy, Exclusive Sunny Chibi VP

Anhur: Recolor Jungle King, Tier 2 Sand Warden, Limited Unbreakable, Clan Shadow VP

Anubis: Recolor Nightwalker, Tier 2 Afterlife, Exclusive Adjudicator, Exclusive K-9 VP

Ao Kuang: Recolor Tempest, Tier 2 Dragon King, Limited Dragon Knight VP

Apolo: Recolor Slickshot, Tier 2 Battler Bard, Skin Elite Agent, Limited Vicious VP

Aquiles: Recolor: Myrmidon, Tier 2 Battleworn, Limited Star Trooper VP

Aracne: Recolor Toxic Caress, Skin Black Widow Vp

Ares:Recolor Destroyer, Skin Diamond Sword, Exclusive Soldier of Fortune, Exclusive Primal Steel VP

Artemisa: Tier 2 Briar Queen, Skin Recon, Exclusive Oak-Seer, Exclusive Orbital Scout VP

Artio: Recolor Den Mother, Tier 2 Wild Druid, Exclusive Artic Seer.

Athena: Recolor High Counselor, Tier 2 Shield of the Gorgon, Skin Peacekeeper, Exclusive Liberté, Exclusive Knight of Wisdom, Exclusive Sinister Sentinel Vp

Awilix: Recolor Blood Moon, Skin Renagade, Exclusive Paradigm, Exclusive Feline Fashion Vp

Baba Yaga: Recolor Grim Mother

Baco: Recolor: Regal Reveler, Skin Brynhildr, Exclusive Father Chrishmash, Exclusive Hoot´n Holler, Exclusive Super Chill, VP

Bakasura:Recolor Butcher, Tier 2 Ravenous, Skin Death Machine, Skin Laughing Skull, Diamond Skin VP

Baron Samedi:Recolor Red Rum, Exclusive Golden Touch

Bastet: Recolor Dominatrix, Tier 2 Arcane Assassin, Skin Covert Ops, Skin Kawaii Pop, Exclusive Crimson Ops VP

Belona: Recolor Battle Maiden, Skin Torment, Exclusive SPL 2016, Exclusive Pro League, Exclusive Agony, Exclusive Anarchist, Gold and Diamond Skin Vp

Cabrakan: Recolor Rampage, Exclusive Tremor Tech, VP

Camazotz: Recolor Penumbra, Tier2 Xibalbas´s Shadow, Exclusive Terror-Dactyl

Cerbero: Recolor HellWatch Vp

Cernunnos: Recolor Samhain, Tier 2 Warden, Exclusive Pixel Beast, Exclusive Hellscape Vp

Chaac: Recolor Hailstorm, Tier 2 Boom Chaac-a-Laka, Skin Slaughterhouse, Exclusive Chaac Latin America, Exclusive Storm Tech, Exclusive Blood Axe, Exclusive Fallen Arbiter VP

Chang'e: Recolor Bright Moon, Tier 2 Hunter´s Moon, Skin Enchanted, Exclusive Moonlight Love, Exclusive Lunar Tango Vp

Chernobog: Recolor Diabol, Golden and Legendary Skin

Cronos: Recolor Time Lord , Skin Fallen Lord, Exclusive Super Chronos 64 Vp

Cthulhu: Recolor Cosmic Horror

Cupido: Recolor Forest Nymph, Skin Lil´Devil, Skin Loverboy, Exclusive Guttersniper, Exclusive Head Over Heels, Diamond Skin Vp

Cuchulainn: Recolor Hound of Ulster, Tier 2 Bruiser, Exclusive BaeWatch Vp

Da Ji: Recolor Vixen, Skin Seductress, Exclusive Sequined Sadist, VP

Danzaburou: Recolor Bake-Danuki

Discordia: Recolor Rebellious, Exclusive Oblivion Queen, Exclusive Pixel Chaos Vp

Erlang Shen: Recolor Illustrious, Exclusive Queen´s Guard VP

Fafnir: Recolor Covetous, Limited Griffindwarf Vp

Fenrir: Recolor FrostFang, Tier Iron Maw, Skin Metal Carnage, Exclusive Lord Slashington III, Exclusive WolfMan Vp

Freya: Recolor Northern Lights, Tier 2 Valkyrie, Vp

Ganesha: Recolor Ganpati, Tier 2 Maha Rakta, Limited Plushie Vp

Geb: Recolor Molten Fury, Skin G.E.B. 1, Exclusive Life´s a Beach Vp

Gilgamesh: Recolor Crimson King

Guan Yu: Recolor Unstoppable Blade, Limited Gladiator Vp

Hachiman: Recolor Shogun, Exclusive Oni Musha, Exclusive Cyber Samurai Vp

Hades: Recolor Bloodfire, Tier 2 Classic Hades, Skin Soultaker Vp

He Bo: Recolor Cascade, Skin He Bro, Exclusive The Sydney Shredder, Exclusive Lord of the Amazo, Exclusive Pixel Rush, Diamond Skin Vp

Heimdal: Recolor Night Watch, Skin Golden

Hel: Recolor Sugar And Spice, Skin Solsticem, Skin Expelled Vp

Hera: Recolor Crimson Queen

Horus: Recolor Rightful Heir

Hou YI: Recolor Sunbreaker, Tier 2 Searing Sun, Skin Moon´s Groom, Skin Hou Ru Kai, Exclusive Heaven´s Arrow, Limited Iron Clow Vp

Hun Batz: Recolor Red Demon, Skin Shaolin Monk-ey, Skin Space Monkey, Limited Midgardian Macaque Vp

HèrculeS:Recolor Lion Of Olympus, Tier 2 Legion, Skin Grand Slam, Limited Retrocles Vp

Eset: Recolor Guardian Eternal, Tier 2 Desert Omer, Skin Scarlet Coven, Limited Alexandrite, Clan Shadow Vp

xbalanque: Recolor Jungle Beast, Limited Spl 2015(NA), Limited Spl 2015(EU), Diamond Skin Vp

Izanami: Recolor Dark Matron, Tier 2 Bloodthirster, Exclusive Plague-Bearer

Janus: Recolor Gatekeeper, Exclusive Ba5s Drop, Limited JT-6000, Diamond Skin Vp

Jing Wey: Recolor Reborn, Tier2 Storm Raven, Skin Mini Metal Vp

Jorgunmandr: Recolor Ouroboros Vp

Kali:Recolor Demon Slayer, Tier 2 Crimson Death, Golden Skin Vp

Khepri: Recolor Imperator, Tier 2 Horned Beetle, Exclusive Steel Scarab, Exclusive Chef´s Special, Exclusive Convention 2017, Exclusive Dark Matter, Clan Shadow Vp

Kukulkan: Recolor Typhoon, Skin Sacred Dragon, Exclusive Quetzakukulkan, Limited Void Wyrm, Vp

Kumbhakarna: Recolor Rip Van Kumbha, Skin Pajama Party Vp

Kuzembo: Recolor Yokozuna, Tier 2 Honorbound, Exclusive Jingle Shells Vp

Loki: Recolor Ssslither, Exclusive White Death, Exclusive HRX Vp

Medusa: Recolor Black Gorgon, Tier 2 Mortal Coil, Skin Nebula, Exclusive Idusa Elite, Exclusive Crystal Gaze, Exclusive The Frost Gorgon, Limited Queen Cobra Vp

Mercury: Recolor QuickSilver, Tier 2 Centurion, Skin Captain Quick, Exclusive Run.Exe, Exclusive Shaolin Fury, Exclusive Moderm Messenger Vp

Merlin: Recolor Arcana Advisor, Golden, Legendary And Diamond Skin VP

Morgan Le Fay: Recolor Dark Enchantress

The Morrigan: Recolor Scarlet Sorceress, Exclusive SPF 666, Limited Woodland Rogue, Limited Pale Raven Vp

Mulan: Recolor Rising Hero, Golden Skin

Ne Zha: Recolor Blue Lotus, Skin Cyberpunk, Exclusive Critical.Dmg Vp

Neith: Recolor Mischievous, Tier 2 Wordlweaver, Skin Ms. Diagnosis, Diamond Skin Vp

Nike: Recolor Peregrine, Tier 2 Harbinger

Nox: Recolor Crimson Eclipse, Exclusive Heartbreaker, Vp

Nu Wa: Recolor Amethyst, Exclusive Water Dancer, Exclusive Nu Horizons, Exclusive Aurum, Exclusive Challenger, Exclusive Ace, Exclusive OldWa Vp

Nemesis: Recolor No Mercy, Tier 2 Red Vengeance, Skin Blind Vengeance, Exclusive Silent Blade, Limited Executioner, Limited Modern Mercenary VP

Odin: Recolor The Huntsman, Recolor Raven´s Throne, Skin Mountain Man, Limited Celestial Guard Vp

Olorun: Recolor Supreme, Golden Skin

Osiris: Recolor Exalted One, Tier 2 Lord Of Silence,Exclusive Noble Knight Vp

Pele: Recolor Caldera, Exclusive Heistblade Vp

Persefone: Recolor Withering Bloom

Poseidon: Recolor The Earthshaker Skin Dreadbeard, Exclusive King of the Deep, Diamond Skin Vp

Quiron: Recolor Sagittarius, Tier 2 Chevalier, Skin Hellrider, Exclusive Fabulous VP

Ra: Recolor Silve-Ra-Do, Tier 2 Solar Sentinel, Exclusive Ra´merica, Exclusive Beamy Chibi, Exclusive Sun.god, Limited, Sunstar Diamond Skin Vp

Raijin: Recolor Nimbus, Tier 2 Thunder´s Roar, Skin Devil Horns, Exclusive Drums Out, Exclusive Warchief Vp

Rama: Recolor Valiant One, Limited Last Commando Vp

Ratatoskr: Recolor Flurry, Tier 2 Armored Scurrier, Skin Squirrel Squad, Exclusive Zenko Vp

Ravana: Recolor Tyrant, Tier 2 Demon King Vp

King Arthur: Recolor Excalibur´s Light Vp

Scylla: Recolor Tiny Terror, Skin Daisy Despair, Exclusive Snow Day, Limited Vampiric, Skin Diamond Vp

Serket: Recolor Venom, Tier 2 Desert Queen, Skin Madame Blade, Exclusive Dread Queen, Exclusive Kunoichi, Exclusive Kitty Kaboom Vp

Set: Recolor Aureate Usurper Vp

Sylvanus:Recolor Permafrost, Tier 2 Deathcap, Exclusive High Noon, Limited Dr. Vanus Vp

Skadi: Recolor Winter´s Wrath, Tier 2 Frostbound, Skin Ski Patrol, Limited Star Salvager Vp

Sobek: Recolor Death Dealer, Tier 2 Nile Stalker, Skin High Seas, Exclusive Crikeydile, Exclusive Kaiju Vp

Sun Wukong: Recolor Silver Sage, Tier 2 Heavenly Warlord, Skin Dark Lord, Limited Sun Wu Xing Vp

Susano: Recolor Scarlet Storm, Tier 2 Serpent Slayer, Exclusive Steel Samurai, Exclusive Titanium Ronin, Exclusive Primal Storm VP

Sol: Recolor Polaris, Exclusive Cosmic, Exclusive Sweet Tooth, Exclusive CherryBomb Vp

Terra: Recolor Firma, Tier 2 Crystalline, Exclusive Spriggan

Thor: Recolor Righteous Hammer, Tier 2 Wrath of Valhalla, Skin Heavy Metal, Skin Blood Eagle, Exclusive Barbarian, Clan Shadow Vp

Thoth: Recolor Sanguine Scribe, Skin Vizier, Legendary and Diamond Skin Vp

Tiamat: Recolor Azure Sea

Tsukuyomi: Recolor Lunar Eclipse

Tyr: Recolor Dark Judgement, Skin Privatyr, Exclusive Draco Knight, Clan Shadow Vp

Thanatos: Recolor Soul Harvester, Skin Final Boss Vp

Ullr: Recolor Strider, Tier 2 Wyrm Slayer, Exclusive Dragonsbane, Exclusive Secret Order, Limited Berseker Vp

Vamana: Recolor Divine Protector, Tier 2 Rakshasa, Skin Lil´Mana Vp

Vulcano: Recolor Ironsmith, Tier 2 Warforged, Exclusive Full Metal, Diamond Skin Vp

Xing Tian: Recolor Indomitable, Tier 2 The undying, Skin Siege Engine, Limited Iron Tyrant Vp

Yemaya: Recolor Healing water, Golden Skin

Ymir: Skin Obsidian Shard, Skin Digi-mir 9000, Skin Crystal Colossus, Exclusive Boss Twitchymir, Golden and Diamond Sking Vp

Zeus: Recolor Thunderhead, Tier 2 Wrath of Olympus, Skin Stormbringer, Skin Almighty, Exclusive Heaven´s Rave, Exclusive Infernal Lord, Diamond Skin Vp

Zhong Kui: Recolor:King of Ghosts, Skin G.I.Zhong, Exclusive Stitched Horror Vp


Available everyday! just message me on Discord Sembai#5121

contact me by whatsapp:+54 1126416057.

Price negotiable, talk to me on discord or whatsapp.
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