Selling Lvl 70 TR/HR - PVE/PVP G.Bilethorn - Soulforged - Rank 8 - Rank 7 enchants - Epic Mount

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Lvl 70 TR/HR - PVE/PVP G.Bilethorn - Soulforged - Rank 8 - Rank 7 enchants - Epic Mount

Hi everyone, selling my TR/HR now. Both lvl 70 on the same account all geared with PVP/PVE gears. HR has no enchantments.

* Items on the chars,
- TR has Grim Executioner PVP set and Alliance Assault PVE gears (Head,Boots for now.)
- Ensorcelled Mulhorand Dagger (equal to new legendary lvl 70 artifact weapon only dont have class feature)
- Ensorcelled Mulhorand Parrying Blade
- Golden Belt of Puissance (Rare)
- Alliance Assault Ring and Gemmed Adamant Ring of Piercing
and Gemmed Elemental Tunic and Gemmed Elemental Pants.

* Artifacts on TR,
Sigil of the Hunter (Epic), Sigil of the Trickster (Epic), Lantern of Revelation(Epic).

* Enchantments on TR,
2x Radiant 8 Enchantment, 1x Greater Bilethorn Enchantment, 1x Soulforged Enchantment (rank 8), 2x Silvery Enchantment Rank 7, 3x Radiant Enchantment Rank 7, 1x Draconic Enchantment Rank 7

* Also TR has 11k Power and 73k HP (%37 crit chance and %37 deflect chance)

Hunter Ranger not as geared as TR but jewelries better on HR.
HR has Ensorcelled Mulhornad Longbow and Mulhorand Blades too.
* Jewelries on HR,
- Ensorcelled Mulhorand Cloak
- 2x Gemmed Exquisite Adamant Ring of Piercing (lvl 70 Epic)
- Golden Belt of Puissance (Rare)
- Hunter's Exquisite Elemental Tunic
- Hunter's Exquisite Elemental Trousers

* Artifacts on HR,
Waters of Elah'zad (Epic), Sigil of the Hunter (Common), Sigil of the Trickster (Common).

* Boons
TR's boons are better than HR, still you need to work on it. Im doing quite good in game with TR on pvp or pve so boons not that important with this new mod 6.

* Mount
Characters has %110 Epic mount (Leopard of Chult) from Zen Store. If you want to level a new char you can get it for free from Zen store.

* Currencies
Grymcoins, 300k AD, 133 Tarmalune Trade bars, a lot of campaing currencies,pvp currencies 290 seal of the elements and more.

** If you have any questions about char or account feel free to ask. I can send any screenshot or detail about char.
As i did on my other sales, if we can make a deal, i wont go FIRST and im only using PayPal.

*** Price is - 50$ - ***

** Add me on skype

or send me an email - [email protected] - Thanks :)

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