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Selling LvL 60 Mystic 47.949%, 57 Valk, 56 Sorc, 4x Pets $90

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401,004,368 Raw Silver, plus whatever family fame+guild bonuses I've gotten since logging in last(awhile ago), so probably closer to 500mil. Networth on the account is around 3bil. Asking for $90.

Energy Points: 184
Contribution Points: 262
Loyalty Points: 3,345
Family Fame: 1146

Workers: 38 Artisan Human workers most are level 30, 8 Professional Human workers.

4x Pets:
Tier 2 Kuku: +5% Combat Exp, +10% Knowledge, +2% increased knowledge chance
Tier 1 Fluffy Puppy: +1% Skill Exp, +5% Fishing Exp
Tier 1 Black Valencia Cat: +1% Life Exp, +5% Alchemy Exp
Tier 1 Wizard Gophy:

1x Auction House Maid. 1x Storage Butler. Level 23 Brilliant Fairy.

Advice of Valks: +20x3, 25, 30, 35, 40x2, 50
7 60 minute item collection increase scrolls, 1x 180 Minute +530% Exp & Skill Exp scroll, Mount skill change coupon, Unused 30-day skill add-on guide, 8 Elions Tears, Unused 2x30-day Horse Flute, 28 Valks Cry's, 26 Stabilized Black Magic Stones, 209 Black Energy Residues, Unused 7-day Splatoon outfit, Unsocketed Kydicts Crystal - Giant, 12 daily boss scrolls saved up & 3 weekly scrolls(hexe witch). 47 Shakatu Seals.

Level 60 Mystic 47.949% to 61: She's wearing the Rakshande Outfit Set.
1204 Skill Points

Breath: Level 23
Health: Level 31

Gathering: Professional 8 9.27%
Fishing: Artisan 4 61.33%
Cooking: Artisan 7 10.27%
Processing: Artisan 2 50.93%

Sorc Level 56 34% in.

Valkyrie Level 57 46% in. The Valkyrie is using the Atanis Outfit which is only available for 2 weeks in spring, one item mixed in is the Arrendo Lancia because it looks way better with this set. I went all out making her look good but eh I liked Mystic more. There is a 53 or 54 Kuno as well.

There is also around 100k+ in unprocessed ore and lumber, and about 5,500 in Traces saved up(all types, roughly around 500-1000 each type). About 500 Mil in raw materials looks like if you just want to sell them as is but I'd advise against that. If you have the patience(I don't) you can make way more after processing them. I can't remember how many inventory increases I've done on the characters, if you know how I'll gladly check. I do know that there is 2 extra character slots on the account. I've never changed the family name.

The 3,000,000,0 networth on the account is added up including almost everything. Equipment, Raw Silver, Outfits. The only thing I'm not counting is the 500mil in Raw Materials described above and the 4x Pets. All 12 Dark Rifts open and down to the minimum difficulty. There's a few house event items also, like the elephant fountain and flondor goose eggs etc.

I'll be giving you the email associated with the account. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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