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Selling Luna OP??? Sale Fresh & Unlinked Ml Ken Kise 4*/5* Waifu & Husb [Updated 20/2]


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Hello Heirs *LOL*,

shitty ML hero?
Why not give yourself another CHANCE?
Get yourself a Fresh, Affordable and unlinked account with ML heroes of your choice! Pm me at discord: cctan27#1274

TIPS: You can easily farmed up to 10k-15k skystone within the first week for LUNA Banner

Why spend thousand of dollar worth of in-game currency when you can start with your preferred waifu or husbando in epic seven??!! For those who aspire to start with a strong account in Epic Seven, I have a great deal for you!
Pm me at discord: cctan27#1274 to check on the availability of your preferred 5* heroes/artifacts combination!
Account Progress: 1-4
Various 5* and 4* heroes combination of your choices. New hero K-POP TAMARRINE in the house!!!
All accounts are unlinked and payment to be made via paypal.

FRESH & NAKED SINGLE Moonlight 4*/5* account:

1. Global Server
Natural 5*: Martial Artist Ken (ML) + LUNA + Ludwig + Tywin + Schuri + Cidd + Ulberius Tooth + Doris

2. Asia Server
Natural 5*: Martial Artist Ken (ML) + Assassin Cidd + LUNA + Iseria + Kayron + BaalSezar

3. Global Server
Natural 5*: Shadow rose + LUNA + Haste + Cecelia + Celeste Mercedez + Angelica + Karin

I also have various fresh ML account with LUNA include J Kise, M Chloe, S rose, C dom ETC. Pm me for screenshots!
1. Global / Asia Server
Natural 5*: Martial Artist Ken (ML) + Kayron or Vildred /

2. Global / Asia Server
Natural 5*: Judge Kise + Kayron / Judge Kise + Chloe

3. Global / Asia Server
Natural 5*: Arbiter Vildred (ML) + Yufine / Arbiter Vildred (ML) + Aramintha + Krau

4. Global / Asia Server
Natural 5*: Maid Chloe + Kise or Cecelia or Sez / Maid Chloe + Lugwig + Vildred + Cecelia or Kayron

I have other notable MOONLIGHT 4*/5* Price ranged from $50-$80 only!!! Clearance LOL
Ruele of light +vildred or tenebria or KEN (Buffed)
Dark Corvus + vildred
Shadow rose + or Yufine or vildred or haste
Challenger Dominiel + Sez or Tenebria or Vildred
Watcher Schuri + Destina or Krau or Assassin Cidd
Crimson Armin + Diene or Lugwig or Vildred
Shooting Star Archates + Yufine + Sez

Blood Karin + Sez

FRESH & NAKED DOUBLE Moonlight 4*/5* account:

1. Martial Artist Ken (ML) + Arbiter Vildred (ML) + Destina + Sez GLOBAL
2. Martial Artist Ken (ML) + Shooting Star Archates + Sigret ASIA
3. ML Sez + BB Karin + Sigret ASIA
4. Judge Kise + Watcher Schuri + Aramintha GLOBAL
5. Arbiter Vildred (ML) + Dark Corvus + Destina GLOBAL
6. Maid Chloe + Challenger Dominiel + Ludwig + Archates ASIA

7. Ruele of light + Celeste Merz + Basar + Chloe
8. Spec Tenebria + Blood Karin + Destina + Karin + Clarissa ASIA
9. DIENE + Challenger Dominiel + RequiemRoar ASIA
10. Vildred + Spec Tenebria + Celeste Mercedez ASIA
11. Challenger Dominiel + AxeGOD + Krau + Ludwig + Archates GLOBAL
12. Challenger Dominiel + Crimson Armin + Baal GLOBAL
13. ShadowRose + AxeGOD + Destina ASIA
Drop me a message at discord if you are interested!!
Discord: cctan27#1274

Why fresh and unlinked account?
1. Avoid password reset issue
2. Avoid payment/recharge refund abuse
3. PEACE OF MIND since life is already full of crap
4. Faster and efficient in transferring ownership
*There's a lot of scammer lately so please PLEASEE PLEAASEEEE just buy your account from LEGIT and REPUTABLE SELLER

Hi guys,

Just want to share my experience on what's going on in the market right now. There's a lot of ML Ken dupe account flooding the market right now for only 80-100USD.
So how do you identify whether the account you're purchasing legit?

First of all, you need to understand that there are 3 type of epic seven account in the market.
1. Dupe Account - Obtained by altering the game data
High Risk: 80-100% chance to be banned in 1-2 weeks time
Features of Dupe account:
a. Heroes or Equipment Inventory exceeds Limit; 150/100, 80/50
b. Day 1 on Login Bonus
c. Usually only comes with RAS + the hero of your selection
d. Completed 1-1 to 10-10 in 10 seconds.
e. IGN change
*Updated* I've noticed some seller bought these dupe accounts, trained them up themselves and resell them as a legit account. Please beware and only buy from legit seller.

2. Autoscript Macro Account - Obtained by using Macro
Low Risk: No ban as of now
Features of Autoscript Macro account:
a. Most of the 1-4 starter and 10-10 account in the market falls under this category
b. More than 1 day on Login Bonus
c. Comes with multiple 4*/5* heroes or artifacts

3. Normal Account
No Risk: Ban-FREE
I believe this does not require additional explanation.

*Disclaimer: These information are shared by the Black Market.
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Easy to work with

Fast and easy. Very professional and cares about the buyer getting a good deal and an account they will be satisfied with
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Multiple Accounts
Bought an account from him, smooth transaction and good communication.

Contacted him about an account, seller got back to me quickly and the transaction was smooth and easy.
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The best Seller !

Just bought an account, he is really kind, propose a great amount of account with your demand, take his time to help me for the way to get the account, Patient, friendly.. absolutely the best !
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Interested?? hahaha
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Very trustworthy seller! Even gave me a discount and helped me change email. Was very patient and kind, definitely would recommend and hope to deal again! 10/10
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Multiple Accounts
Good communication from seller/fast responses

Good communication from seller and responds fast. Willing to work with the buyer on price. Highly recommended!
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