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Unresponsive and not delivering the promised boost

After purchasing a boost on pokemon go for 48 hours the seller no longer responds 7 days later without having provided the boost buy 30 euros. scammer.
Warning: Trade with Caution
Banned - https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/scam-attempt-by-naveen021.2761908/
Great service, Very fast delivery, Highly recommended

I bought an lvl40 account and the service was great, he replied within seconds and gave a great discount and waited on chat until the account is delivered and helped me with many queries. Highly recommended to someone buying from this user. Thank you Pokego market
Great options for pokemon go enthusiasts!

This site has it all. From stardust farming to cheap pokecoins. It’s amazing how many options you have at your disposal here. I can’t recommend this site enough.
Quick and efficient, responsive.

Seller was responsive throughout entire process, helped me with payment. Hiccup with delivery but solved immediately after, will definitely recommend
Seller was always responsive and helped me through payment. Hiccup with delivery but solved immediately after with no problems at all. Will recommend.
ip hash: f12cdcfede8e49520f6686

Hi, im from spain, i have purchased it ultraeasy, more than register there xD
and u can pay by paypal then u can get ur money refound if sth happens.
i personaly recommend it
Super service

Super fast service and good contact to the seller. 10/10 would buy again.

5200 pokecoins very fast and very friendly

service is 10/10 and fast. would recommend to anyone that is looking for cheap stuff in pg
5200 pokecoins very fast and very friendly

service is 10/10 and fast. would recommend to anyone that is looking for cheap stuff in pg
ip hash: 2bee83008dfb895f47712c
3 purchased, 2 coins an stardust - 1 just coins

At first I was not sure but website looked nice and payment with PayPal gives some security concerning to delivery.
I sent a DM with the details, which I can change after or before for that matter and got professionally answered that the order will be starting asap.
Due to some hikups it was started but disrupted and took a bit longer than expected. Communication is pleasant and clear, got everything i ordered without further problem.

Very happy customer and will surely recommend to others, with note to have patience as it can take bit longer if it is very busy or technical issues occur but it will be delivered.
very fast, very nice

Just bought 15k Coins for 36€ and it was done in less than 5minutes - 10/10 will buy again
Never provided rest of service

Never provided the rest of service. Asked if he was done because I was currently too busy to check but the seller never responded. Messaged them over a course of a couple days with more than 24 hours in between messages on their discord but none of the other services finished. WOULD NOT buy again.
5 Million Xp ans Dust

Hey, I bought XP, Dust and Coins and also got a free Trade. Very good Support and the Discord helped me a lot and the seller replies directly.
2 mil pack got me 8 shinies! highly recommend

Do make sure to tell him not to use ur incubators cuz it was done automatically and the bot used 8 of my incubators for useless eggs
Awesome and communicates well

Easy to communicate with and has really cool products will definetly be buying from them again
Seller was very kind and helpful. Service is rather quick or very quick depending on the service chosen. Can recommend any kind of service from here over any other out there.
ip hash: c05199c08641bef51b499f
Seller was kind, receptive and helpful.

Definitely recommend buying poke coins over using pokemon go shop. Very efficient and saves a ton of money. The guy is really nice and helpful with any questions you have.
Outstanding Service

Went above and beyond expectations, completed a huge order for all mine and my children's accounts in record time.

Huge Vouch for a A++ Outstanding Service
Informative, Fast Raid Passes, cheap and efficient

Very pleased with my order and with how everything was handled from beginning to end. Likely to buy again.
Great service and very fast and efficient. Also helpful.

Really enjoyed how seamless and easy everything was especially how quick everything went. Also very helpful during the process.
Quality Service

Bought an account through them and would recommend them to anyone interested in pokemon go
Bought an account quick and easy through their services. Would recommend to anyone
ip hash: a1439342fd551c71b2ae1e
Legit service through and through. I purchased a 48h boost as well as a pokecoin order. I got what was ordered received 30mil xp and all my coins. Some delays were encountered due to hitting the weekly Pokémon catch limits. But the provider did an excellent job of explaining the delay and communicating through that process. I would say if you order anything longer than a 24 hour service be prepared for that to take slightly longer than the hours your purchased.
ip hash: f549c997ecc05e414db819
Service went smoothly! He gave lots of advice to a returning player, answered all my questions and was very kind! Looking forward to purchasing again in the near future!
ip hash: 1a22b816965894db86e0a8
ran into some delays, but they compensated me and were very friendly :)
ip hash: baf25385bef2f18cb66ca2
Absolutely amazing!!

Beyond happy with the service!
Bought the 12hrs of boosting, and it was way better than I had hoped for!
I will be back for sure!
Friendly, fast boosting service :)

Just bought a boosting service, she kept me updated throughout the process :) will buy again!
Legitimate seller!

Was a little slow on the transaction, but turned out successful and accurate in the end. This is a legit seller, and I will purchase from him in the future!
Very Satisfied

Very good Service, bought not much but was still comfortable delivery. Definetly going to buy again.
Very awesome service. Ill definitily buy from him more and more.
I bought almost a year now his service and he is still the best.
Very fast and all wishes come true when u ask him.
ip hash: 080b937b879819f2c42237

I just paid for 48hours of boosting on the website but I wasn’t ask for my account info, how do I contact you ? :)

In less than 24 hours they were able to get me a shiney, 100 IV event buneary, I will certainly be purchasing from this seller again! They were on time, prompt, and very polite during the whole process! Thanks again!
Amazing seller very trustworthy

Pokegomarket is one of the best boosters I seen with great prices they are very communicative. they didn’t communicate well at first cause they were sick but boosters get sick to they are not just robots. Pokegomarket is trustworthy and was more then willing to add some other stuff if the boost didn’t meet the expectations I ordered the 7 day boost sale that they had and I was able to get my Level 50. I would definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t have time to play or is looking to get a quick boost.
Pokegomarket did my 7 day boost with no issues and was very communicative. Will be ordering again
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I ordered a 6 hour boost on 27 March, which was when he told me he would be starting the boost but after that there was no reply until 4 April, which he then compensated me with a 24 hour boost with no extra charge. I'm guessing he had some irl issues going on. Trustworthy.
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Got my 24 hours boosting service done after s short delay, seems like he was going through some stress / personal stuff. Nice guy.
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Very helpful and very kind

I ordered the 24h package and had questions about how it all worked, to my surprise the seller answered all these questions (and more) in the chat before I even had to ask. Would really recommend buying from them.
Very Fast Very responsive overall great seller

I sent him my information he boosted my account then I went on to buy a shiny mewtwo and another boost it was so good. 5 stars