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Selling my BABY-KRAKEN-WHALE evil account. I've spent around €25k. I'm open to any serious offers.

I don't have the same time to play LotR, so i decided to sell it. I'm sure it will be an excellent account for someone, who just wanna have a good time in middle earth and doesn't want to fully invest in the price of a whale account.

Everything (commander and gear) is settled up for 2.0.

Good luck and have fun.


  • Screenshot_20231218_093901_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_093901_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_093914_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_093914_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_093924_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_093924_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094010_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094010_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094042_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094042_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094056_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094056_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094106_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094106_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094118_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094118_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094128_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094128_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094217_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094217_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094318_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094318_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094359_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094359_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094407_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094407_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094422_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094422_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094429_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094429_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094436_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094436_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094452_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094452_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094501_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094501_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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  • Screenshot_20231218_094511_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
    Screenshot_20231218_094511_LOTR RisetoWar.jpg
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