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KING OF THE HILL EVENT Coming Saturday Nov. 19th (Sonoma)


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Invitation Scroll delivered by PAS inscribed by King David ...

"PAS will join forces with PAN and any of their allies that can come
(COP, IFC, GOR, KQ) to try to hold the hill east of Delucia Felucca for
TWO HOURS vs all other guilds in Sonoma on Saturday Nov. 19th .....
6pm to 8pm PT (7pm to 9pm MT ~ 8pm to 10pm CT ~ 9pm to 11pm ET)

To make it more fun, PAS members will be carrying a minimum of 200k gold
between all of them ... so bad guys better make sure to loot each PAS you kill!
Im tired of people saying there aren't enough events in Felucca, and then no one
showing for an event when someone takes the time to set one up.

This has the ability to be HUGE. So Felucca folks, put up or shut up ...
show up and try to take our hill, or stop whining that u never get chances
for Felucca events... *smiles*

This event is open to everyone, and there are no rules ...
just come for fun and try to play in a respectful manner."