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SOLD Human f Rogue US (PvP) Full T2/T2.5, Viskag/Warblade Oh, dagger spec

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Level 60 Human Female Rogue
- Server: Whitemane Alliance PvP (US)
- Gear: PVE Spec/Gear
- ZG/CC Exalted, AD/Brood Revered
- PvP rank 3
- Tier 1 Nightslayer 2/8 (Boots & Glove)
- Tier 2 Bloodfang 8/8
- Tier 2.5 Deathdealer 5/5
- The eye of hakkar, Onyxia tooth pendant
- Cloak of veiled shadows, Glacial cloak
- Viskag the bloodletter, Warblade of hakkari OH (Swords)
- Fang of the faceless, Dragonfang blade, Dagger of veiled shadows (Daggers)
- Silithid Claw, Arlokk's grasp (Fist weapon)
- Gurubashi dwarf destroyer
- Signet of the bronze dragonflight Revered version, Master dragonslayer ring
- Blackhand's Breadth, Royal seal of eldrethalas, Zandalarian hero medallion
- Molten Core/Black Wing Lair/Onyxia's Lair/Naxxramas Attuned
- 100% Mount
- 16 Slot bags
- Herbalism/Firstaid 300 Enchanting 292 Cooking 44
- Server transfer is Available

- Account is under fake name

Human f rogue 1_LI.jpg

Human f rogue 2.jpg

Human f rogue 3.jpg

You can add my discord for further information of the account or to negotiate : Askeladd#4010

Asking Price : $349
Payment method : PayPal family and friend option, Skrill
ip hash: 0a08743c569f17f489c466
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