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Highend account with S Tier PVP mobs - 10 Nat 4s


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This accounts comes with an incredible combination of Nat 4s. It includes the AOE reviving air mystic, waiting to be paired up with the cooldown resetting air dragon, the purging fire shamand and followed by water rakshasa as a cleaver. If you don't like that setup feel fre to include the water shaman as another reviver or the water dragon for cc. 10 nat 4s come with this account and they are listed below:

Nat 4s:
- Air Mystic Angel
- Water Dragon
- Air Dragon
- Water Rakshasa
- Water Colossus
- Fire Shaman
- Fire Zealot
- Water Shaman
- Air Deva

Nat 3s include fire succubus and water holy sister.