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Hello please fix this guy rage keeps spamming my thread


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link https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/πŸ”₯-global-wotv-final-fantasy-starter-accounts-x2-ur-5-x3-ur-10-negotiable-πŸ‹.1584783/#post-6704013

I didnt sell him anything he got mad i didnt want to sell him in paypal and i found another buyer and he started giving negative feedback out of rage.
lol his really mad .

I can sell to whoever i want to sell if i refuse someone exp a paypal transaction for specific account for some reason receiving bad feedback out of rage shouldnt be a thing.

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Reason - scam attempt - TG 19919
I wanted to buy an FFBE WoV account from him. It was a good account at a cheap price. However, when I asked him about it, he refused to sell it to me saying he doesn't accept PayPal despite it being in his list of accepted payments.

Then he removed the account I wanted from the list and added it to another with a higher price tag. It's obvious that he realized the account was too good to be that cheap, so he wanted to change the price. However, instead of telling me that, the seller proceeded to lie about not accepting PayPal payments, which is shady and bad practice.

I called him out and gave him a negative feedback to warn other potential buyers of his practices, and he's claiming that I am mad because he didn't sell the account to me, which is far from the truth. I am not the only one who had this problem, as there is another user who voiced his complaint in the same thread.

This is when I first asked him for the account. He asked for my method of payment, and he refused to Paypal, saying he doesn't do Paypal.

I noticed something was off about it, so I decided to test him by using a different discord account, providing the same method of payment but on a different FFBE WoV account, and he immediately accepted it.
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