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SOLD Hawken: Level 30 account with all Mechs full [K/D: 3.40]

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Hey guys, I started to play Hawken since December 2013 and was until May 2015 I played my last game. I sell my account due to lack of time to play and hopefully get some benefit for so many hours spent.

Hawken is an Early Access Steam Game with amazing graphics using technology Nvidia and Nvidia PhysX, for more official information here: Hawken Official page:
Hawken on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/271290/?l=english

General Account Information:

Level: 30 (is the maximum in the game)
Total Exp: 7.899.349
K/D: 3.40
Total Kills: 21.252
Mechs Levels: 6 max. (All) with items and internals
Win percentage: 76.4%
HC: 30.495 (Hawken Credits) free currency obtained in the game
MC: 15 (Meteor Credits) currency paid real money
Consumables: x411
Holo Emotes:
Exclusive Emblem
Time played:
+530 Hrs

For a preview and stats: http://imgur.com/a/ClJos

Price: Looking for $79, but Price is negotiable.

[SUP]Payment method:

*Steam logo means any article or several Steam Market to pay the value of the account.
*CS:GO logo means any arm, knife, box or key (or several of them) to pay the value of the account.

Add my Skype: krait12

*With the account information I give you, you can go to the Hawken website and login, there can change the email address and password.

1.- You must send me a PM before adding me on skype, or I will decline.
2.- I will not split MM fees, if you want one, you pay for one.
3.- After the transaction is completed I am not responsible for what may happen to your account. No refunds.
4.- If Paying through PayPal, your account MUST be verified or I will not accept the payment.
5.- By Trading with me you accept these terms.
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