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Haidi1408 Scammer and Botter on PlayerAuctions


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This guy sold me some accounts, and one day I bought 2 100kIP LoL accounts. they were both banned.

I contacted that awfull PA support and they told me to send an email to their mediation team.

a **** ton of hours later, haidi1408 told me he would send me new accounts as soon as he had them. I waited just to find out he had sold 100k IP accounts the day after, during the night. and I never got mine.

He didn't get paid , but what he did was, since the accounts were banned he had no use for them so he didn't gave me new ones, got rid of 2 banned accounts and proceeded to raise the price of the accounts on the website.

The playerauction support is a bunch of the same people telling me they couldn't rush the process just because Haidi1408 is the seller who gets them more money.

This guy is clearly a bot, selling 24/7 , no sleep no eat? reading messages instantly and the few ones he answered were with the same message (scripted).

Don't buy from this guy. you risk losing money and a week of talking to nobody because they can't answer emails unless its a scripted message that takes 72 hours to arrive, just to know you will need another 72hours to get refunded. (if you get your money back ofc).

Also he levels all the accounts on the same IP, and he sells stolen WOW gold .


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haidi1408 tryed to scam me too

buyed gold on PA for wow classic on german server
haidi1408 sayd he send the gold to my mail, but no gold arrives
haidi1408 say there is a video of the transaction

so i opened a dispute and haidi1408 send 3 screenshots where a guy send gold to me

this was suspect for me

then i saw that the ppl on this screenshots talk englisch in chat (on a german server)
so i tryed to send a mail to the ppl in the chat and received error
next step i created characters on this server using the names from the chat
and i was able to create 2 charcaters from the chat

i asked haidi1408 why the ppl talk englisch.
then haidi1408 start lie

he say he dont know that its imposible to send gold from one to another server.
haidi have more then 3 400 000 sucesfull transactions and over 200 000 reviews and dont know things like this ?

the dispute is done and i receive my money back
but haidi1408 is still active on playerauctions and can scam more ppl
ip hash: bb79604bd8f385edee8108