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Guild Wars 2 Account (Heart of Thorns + Path of Fire) - 12 legendaries + skins

GW Account
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I am selling my GW2 account because I am not playing anymore. It has both extensions.
The account contains 12 legendary items and other valuable items :

- Both staffs, 'Bifrost' and 'Nevermore'.
- The legendary sword 'Bolt'.
- The legendary dagger 'The incinerator'.
- The legendary shortbow 'Chuka and Champawat'.
- The legendary backpiece 'The ascension'.
- Full legendary raid armor (medium).
- Both legendary greatswords skins 'Sunrise' and 'Twilight' (crafted into Eternity that I sold back in the days).
- Shoulders skin 'Nightfury'.
- Commander tag.
- 8 various outfits.
- Copper fed salvage-o-matic + Silver fed salvage-o-matic.
- Infinite unbound magic gathering tools.
- Various skins from the Gemstore shop (mounts, backpieces, armors...).
- Fractal's omnipotion.
- Invitation to 'Lily of the Elon'.

The account has over 12k AP (12.223 to be exact).
3 characters are ready for Raids and Fractals. There is a druid, a revenant and a thief ready for Raids and Fractals (if you swap the AR), (All have full ascended gears).
The druid and the thief both have 100% map completion.

A few crafting disciplines have been fully done such as Armorsmith (500), Artificer (500) and Huntsman (500). Tailor and Weaponsmith both are 400+.

The account is lvl 283 masteries (haven't done the collections for the Skyscale mount) and is lvl 112 in PvP. It also has every episode of the Living World Season apart from the first season.

I won't go under 550€.

You can contact me on Discord for further informations such as API, pics and any other questions at Janaphya#3059.

ip hash: 4c7aa467df4072e7b581b7