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SOLD Global Veteran 330k CP 19 6* Units gear, 21 5*, 2 ML5 (S.Ara + All limited 5s)

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A veteran account with optimally built units, great variety of units and artifacts.
For people that are veterans looking to buy an account you would probably be interested in the fact
that the account has 19 units fully BUILT (With no trash random gearing as they were built to have the best stats they could You can look in the albums yourself)
meaning you do not have to move gear unless there are targeted stats you need to beat a comp.


Preferably BTC with coinbase.
Payment Method of Paypal Friends and Family in USD.
You go first or we go through Middleman.
Can contact me with Discord: Hanson#5076
Gmail log in.

I have made a few albums of notable things you would want to know about the account.
It can Farm All PvE Content including Normal Raid, Hell Raid, Wyvern 11, Banshee 11, Golem 11, and Azimanak 11
Abyss 90 has been completed

For TL: DR there are 21 UNIQUE Nat 5 units, 2 of them are ML 5, 22 units are 6 starred can be 23 when we get all Sols.
16 UNIQUE Nat 5 Artifacts, All of the Nat 4 artifacts including event ones.
Some quick interesting units so that you can understand the caliber of the gear include:
and much more can be seen in the albums.
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