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Global lvl 566, 60 legends (Luffy/Law, Sabo/Koala, Snakeman, etc.), 90€

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Dual legends:
Luffy/Law, Sabo/Koala, Sanji/Judge, Barto/Cavendish, V2 Big Mom, Luffy/Ace.

Jack, Snakeman, V1 Big Mom, Lucy, V1 Akainu, Crocodile, V1 Lucci, Log Luffy.

V2 Mihawk, V2 Dofflamingo, V2 Sabo, V2 Rayleigh, Magellan, Corazon, Jimbei, Blackbeard, Kung-Fu Luffy, Usopp, 6* Usopp, V1 Zoro.

V2 Whitebeard, V2 G4 Luffy, Franky, Zephyr, V2 Lucci, 6* V2 Lucci, V2 Law, Shiki, Tesoro, Marco, V1 Aokiji, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, 6* V1 Doflamingo, 6* V1 Boa.

Shirahoshi, V1 Law, Nekomamushi, 6* Robin, V1 G4 Luffy, V2 Boa, V1 Sabo, V1 Shanks, Kizaru.

Buggy, V2 Akainu, V1 Katakuri, Robin, V1 Dofflamingo, V1 Sanji, V1 Mihawk, Hody, V1 Jimbei, V2 Fujitora, Sengoku.

Limited RR:
Bonney, Pudding, Akainu, Leo, Coby, Judge, Franky, Aokiji, Kizaru, Kid, QCK Uroge, Summer Rebecca, Summer Pudding, Sakura Big Mom, Sakura Pudding.

I have copys of legends Luffy/Ace, Lucy, V2 Sabo, V2 Rayleigh, Blackbeard and Tesoro.

Every skull island is farmed. You won't have problems to super-evolve any legend that you may pull later on.

All ships unlocked and maxed.

The account is up to date in terms of Raid, Colloseum and Treasure Map units. But I have to say that I don't have Ambush Linlin and Sengoku.

Payment via PayPal.

Discord: Ni323232
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