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SOLD [Global]Complete End Game ML Ara, Dizzy, Diene, Luna,Baiken,Tama and many more

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Added Dizzy(A Imprint), New&Dupe Artifacts(including Dizzy's Artifact[Max Limit Break]), New 4*s, New Gear Sets and updated current ones.

My main whale account. The account has many strong heroes and quite solid gear sets. Please check them from screenshots. I will keep playing regularly until i sell it.
Abyss: 100% Cleared (90/90)
World: 100% Cleared
Raid: All Normal and Hell Bosses Can Be Defeated Regularly
Hunt: 100% Consistent Wyvern11 Auto Team, 100% Consistent Golem11 Auto Team (I didn't farm other hunts so i didn't test auto team but they should be able to auto all hunt 11s without problems.)
Arena: Champions (Highest peak was Champions III, can climb more)
Currency: 34211 SkyStones
800 USD (Also looking for serious offers)

Payment will have to be made through PayPal Friends & Family
Due to some people still adding and asking for the account, i deleted my Discord from this thread.

ML List:
Silver Blade Aramintha 6* (Nat 5*)
Crescent Moon Rin 6* (Nat 4*) (C Imprint)
Assassin Cartuja 4* (Nat 4*) (C Imprint)
Shadow Rose 6* (Nat 4*) (B Imprint)
Assassin Cidd 4* (Nat 4*)
Auxiliary Lots 6* (Nat 4*)
Blood Blade Karin 6* (Nat 4*) (B Imprint)
Hurado 6* (Nat 3*) (C Imprint)
Commander Lorina 5* (Nat 3*)
Rikoris 3* x2 (Nat 3*)
Celeste 3* (Nat 3*)
Requiemroar x2 3* (Nat 3*)
Gloomyrain 3* (Nat 3*)
Elson 3* (Nat 3*) (B Imprint)
Gunther 3* (Nat 3*)
Wanda 3* (Nat 3*)
Sven 3* (Nat 3*) (D Imprint)
Doris 4* (Nat 3*) (B Imprint)
Arowell 3* (Nat 3*)
Pyllis 3* (Nat 3*)

ML Ara (Nat 5*)
Diene (Nat 5*)
Luna (Nat 5*) (S Imprint)
Dizzy (Nat 5*) (A Imprint)
Tamarinne (Nat 5*) (B Imprint)
Angelica (Nat 4*)
Iseria (Nat 5*)
Haste (Nat 5*)
Tenebria (Nat 5*)
ML Rin (Nat 4*)
ML Lots (Nat 4*)
ML Karin (Nat 4*)
ML Rose (Nat 4*)
Sigret (Nat 5*)
Falconer Kluri (Nat 3*)
Zeno (Nat 5*)
Hurado (Nat 3*) (C Imprint)

Baiken (Nat 5*)
Destina x2 (Nat 5*)
Cermia (Nat 5*)
Sol (Nat 5*)
Chloe (Nat 5*)
Yuna (Nat 5*)
Charlotte (Nat 5*)
Cecillia x2 (Nat 5*)
Serilla (Nat 4*) (SSS Imprint)
Clarissa (Nat 4*) (S Imprint)
Cidd (Nat 4*)
Zerato x2 (Nat 4*)
Mercedes (Nat 4*)
Mascot Hazel (Nat 3*) (SSS Imprint)
Commander Lorina (Nat 3*) (D Imprint)
Righteous Thief Roozid (Nat 3*) (SSS Imprint)

Notable 4*: CR Pusher Judith (Nat 3*) with 243 Speed

4*: (Mixture of Natural 4*s and Promoted 3*s)
ML Cid, ML Cartuja(C Imprint), Dominiel x3, Coli x2, Leo, Schuri x3, Achates x2, Corvus x2, Karin x2, Armin x6, Silk x3, Kiris(SSS), Doris(B), Adlay(SSS), Montmorancy(SSS), Mucacha(SSS), Helga(SSS), Ras(SSS)

And tons of max level 2*, 3*, 4* fodders.

Note: For people that are not aware of: Lots of people use a cheap trick by putting 4 DPS to team formation and calling it "X" CP Team. DPS heroes have higher CP than support/tank heroes because CP scales less with defensive stats. High CP team doesn't mean the account is strong. For Example:

As you can see, CP is quite high but there is no Tank/Healer/Buffer Heroes in the team. You will never use a team without them so don't get deceived by things like this.

Some Gear Sets(Added new ones & updated*)

CR Pusher for Arena

To Combo with ML Ara for Arena:


NOTE: Current Powder of Knowledge is 81
Proof of Completed Abyss:

PVP ScreenShot from Monday:

Hero Journal:
New Ones*:


People that tried to scam me:
Cyferous#5315 (Discord Account)
Arkan#3878 (Discord Account)

Thread has been updated*
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