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Selling [Gl, Eu] Whale, Endgame Accounts MLs, Limmited Upd 14.06

Mobile OS
Android, IOS
Europe, Global
End Game
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Welcome to Wavewi's Store
I'm Offering Moon Light Accounts Global Server
All accounts are Legit
And playing daily so recources can be changed

1. ML: F Ceci, BW Iseria, BM Haste, MA Ken, TM Luluca / Ruele, LQ Charlotte, A Tywin

Limmited: ALL except F tene, HYfine
ML Selective Avialable
Price 850

2. ML: F Cecilia, R Violet, A Ravi, BM Haste, MA Ken, O SIgret / A Tywin, DJ Basar
Limmited: F Tene, Dizzy, Cerise, Luna, Elpheit, HYfine, Baiken
ML Selective Avialable
Price 750$

3. ML: A Vildred, D Corvus, A Ravi, BM Haste, O Sigret, R Violet, D Lilibet / M Chloe, SB Aramintha, LR Krau, LQ Charlotte
Limmited: F Tene, Diana, Luna, Landy, Baiken

Price 800$

4. ML: A Vildred, D Lilibet, O Sigret, S Tene, MA Ken / Ruele, J Kise, SBaal&Sezan, A Tywin, DJ Basar, LR Krau
Limmited: Dizzy, SSB, Luna, Baiken

Price 600$

5. ML: A Ravi, BW Iseria / Ruele, J Kise, LQ Charlotte, M Chloe
Limmited: Luna, SSB, Landy

ML Selector Avialable
Price 250

7. Whale
ML: AVIl, FCeci, D Corvus, A Ravi, BW Iseria, MA Ken, STene, R Violet, S Archidemon's / SB Ara, DJ Basar, LR Krau, Ruele, J Kise, Solitaria
Limmited: All except Luna

LF best offer or b.o 2500
Got offer 1500 still looking for offers

If you are interested in one from following accounts and need more info im always open
My Discord: VEALUR#8226

Trading with Middleman only
Payment method via Paypal Friends and Family
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Great seller!

Found me the account I wanted and answered all my questions. Recommended!

Edit: Make sure to ask the seller if he foddered any units. The account I bought was missing five ML 4*'s (such as ML Purrgis and ML Zerato) and a RGB 5* even though they were highlighted in the hero journal
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