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Few inquiries

SkyBoosting LLC

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I would like to ask about is how does the bidding for stickies work, talking about valorant boosting stickies specifically, because right now I see the expiration dates on the three stickies, and I understand that whatever I bid, if I manage to outbid someone my sticky will go up when the one I outbidded expires, but right now I couldnt even bid / outbid for any of the sticikes so if you could explain how buying stickies and bidding on them works as if I was a 5 year old, that would be great. Im really looking to reinvest my profits into EpicNPC in the form of more advertisement, better trader status on EpicNPC etc.
Also, how can I pay for the sticky threads? paypal? if somebody outbids my bid do I have to request a refund?

Since I now have 20 feedback with 100% rating, I can apply for Epic Member Premium, is that correct? I would like to ask if the 25$ fee will give me Epic Member Premium permanently or if its subscription based, because I couldnt find this anywhere so I rather ask.


thank you for your help
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Its lifetime but adds no benefit since you are already id verified which is same thing.
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Currently all 3 spots are taken and all 3 have immunity, this means no one can outbid them. They will have the opportunity to renew first and if they do at the normal price, other members will be able to outbid them. If they purchase another immunity plan, then they will remain immune.

Price increase when this happens. Immunity plans are 2x the normal cost, so it make it very expensive. As price increase, users normally stop buying immunity plans which gives other members a chance to outbid them.

At this time Oct is the next available since each user purchased the 6 month plan.
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