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Selling F76 Account - level 110 - power armors - legendary weapons - 6500+ Atom credit

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Czech Republic
Multiple Accounts
Since I have to quit this game, I want to sell my account.

It has a level 110 character with:

  • 6000+ Atoms for the Atom shop to buy anything you want!
  • X-01, Ultracite and Excavator power armors, some of them even modded, plans for X-01 jetpack and so on
  • 6+ decent legendary weapons including 3 stars, explosive gatling, plasma gatling, several melee weapons, both heavy and medium
  • plans for the expensive Marsupial mutation (gives you double jump and carry weight, the best mutation)
  • it is not really specced in a single weapon type - most weapon specific perks are not unlocked, because to be honest, you dont need them. The combat is so easy, you dont need to be specced in a single weapon. I used all types of weapons, switching from legendary gatling to legendary melee easily.
  • there isnt a complete set of non-power armor - I was using power armor all the time, with all the perks for it. You can get fusion cores easily from power plants
  • lots of crafting, support, carry weight and other perks are unlocked - carry weight is around 450 with modded power armor.
  • 1000+ diluted stimpaks with the perks improving them
  • with the armors and weapons available, you can easily level up killing anything and complete the build you want pretty fast. You can get several levels per day and unlock perks for the weapon you prefer to use, although, I think, it is a waste to spec into a single weapon,
  • the only thing, you can't kill alone, is the Scorchbeast Queen and the Sheepsquatch - group raids
  • I soloed the nuke silos long time ago
  • tons and tons of plans and recipes
  • all the quest content is completed and all the new high-end content will be immediately available to you - I seriously played this character and it is quite decent
  • a good Camp with anything you need placed on a very profitable resource spot near whitesprings and vendors
  • lots of junk
  • about 19 000 caps
Feel free to ask anything.

You will get my Bethesda account - I will change the email address to yours. There are also Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics on the account.

Price 90 USD, only taking verified PayPal payments.

Or crypto.
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Czech Republic
Multiple Accounts
Still up for sale for 90 USD.

Please, save me from this game, I just spent another night in it :(

Obviously it's now even higher level and everything.
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