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SOLD [Europe] Lvl 50 | 22 Nat5s | 84 6stars

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6 Star 10+
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Me and my girlfriend don't have time to play as much anymore so we are selling our accounts.
We want to find a new good home for our accounts that we've spent alot of time and had alot of fun playing with.
(I will post her account in this thread as soon as she got time to get all the screenshots and info.)

My account: ($100) Money first or we can use a verified middleman, buyer pays the fee.
This is my 2nd time selling an account on the website.

84 6Stars
22 Nat5s
Almost all good nat4s. L&D: Amarna, Iris and more check screenshots. (8 lushens :D 2x 6star max lvl.)

Farming Times:
GB10: 0:36
DB10: 1:38 (not been a focus so could probably be faster.)
NB10: 1.14
check screenshots for other times.

Fighter 3 in arena but could easily go up to G1+ with some dedication and moving some runes around.
I have not done ToaH 100, but the account can do it with some effort put into it.


Shi Hou (Monkey King) 6star Max.
Anavel (Occult Girl) 6star Max.
Praha (Oracle) 6star Max.
Chandra (Beast Monk) 6star Max.
Josephine (Paladin) 6star Max.

Zaiross (Dragon) 6star Max.
Rakan (Chimera) 6star Max.
Rica (Occult Girl) 6star Max.
Velajuel (Archangel) 6star Max.
Raki (Hell Lady) 6star Max.
Chiwu (Pioneer) 6star Max.
Sekhmet (Desert Queen) 6star Max.
Helena (Unicorn) 6star Max.

Jamire (Dragon) 6star Max.
Teshar (Phoenix) 6star Max.
Charlotte (Occult Girl) 6star Max.
Xing Zhe (Monkey King) 6star Max.
Ritesh (Beast Monk) 2x: 1x 6star Max, 1x 5str Max.
Tiana (Polar queen) 6star Max.
Diana (Unicorn) 6star Max.
Louise (Paladin) 6star not Max.

Nat4s and Light/Dark see screenshots.
18m Mana isch~
29 Devilmons

If you want any more info or more screenshots send me a PM.
Scammers please don't waste your or my time i will verify the middleman before giving any account information.


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