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Selling EU Sorc 62 - 565 GS - 269AP - Paypal / Middleman / Highest Offer 650€

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Multiple Accounts
I want to sell my EU BDO Account because i don't have time to play it anymore.
My personal E-Mail is in use for this Account but we will change it and u get access to a new Email connected with the account of course!
I am the real Owner of this Account!


Sorc: Level 62 (Main) - 2200 Skillpoints
Musa: Level 61 (Twink) - 1600 Skillpoints
Maehwa: Level 61 (Twink) - 2150 Skillpoints
+ a bunch of alts below Level 60!


- UPDATE: Just bought TET Urugons (+ 2x JIN Hysteria Gems)


*Note* Kzarka has Caphra Level 2


- 6x Storage / 1x Marketplace Maid
- 100+ Loots scrolls
- A lot of different Buffs (GM-Blessings, Kama-Buff, XP Buffs 50/200/530%, Combat-Book...)
- 400 unused Pearls left.
- A lot inventory slots and weight bought for Sorc, Musa and Maehwa
- A lot Storage place in Valencia Area / A bit also in the Kama Area
- Some Failstacks left ranging from 10 to 60
- Bartali Quest not fully done just to the point of Extra AP/DP so you can easily get another 100fs
- Sorc, Musa and Maehwa have an ghillie suit / no other outfits
- 1x T4 / 2x T3 / 1x T2 Pets
- T3 fairy

- You can change the ingame Names via coupon if you wish to, however i wasn't in a guild since 1 year. No one should recognise you or ask questions ingame.
- CP and Energy is low and i wasn't a lifeskiller aswell. All i did was PvP such as RBF and grinding.

I never used any third party softwares and everything on this account was made/grinded by myself, no help of any kind involved! You are safe!
We can stay in contact after the transaction was made to make sure that if the BDO support contacts you why ever, i can give you personal informations to make sure you won't get banned!

I hope that i forgot nothing. If you have any question ask me via PM.


Contact me here via PM or Discord (ArchS#9565)


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