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Selling > [EU/NA] World Flipper Starter Accounts (19.09.2021 update), 10$ each

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PSA: I'm asleep, should be online around 10am GMT.

Be careful of anyone pretending to be me on discord

- i will not add you first
- i dont buy/trade accounts
- i dont sell accounts that arent listed on EpicNPC
- message me thru EpicNPC for verification

12.09.2021 Update
: Added some America region accounts.
19.09.2021 Update: Did another 2x10 rolls on all my accounts using login + giveaway gems.

There's a short F.A.Q. at the bottom of this post that might answer some of your questions about account linking/etc.
For questions and such you can contact me here or at discord: Enteres#5233

>>>Payment method
: Payapl (friends and family). Please send the money as US Dollars.

//---------- ACCOUNTS---------------------------------//
- 5x 10 rolls done, each account has atleast 2k gems
- 4-5* ticket not used
- story: just the tutorial parts done

//-------- EUROPE REGION--------//


SOLD Acc 18:
Celtie + Phiria + Eclair, Pictures: >>click_me<<

Acc 2: Celtie + Vyron + Nephtim + Leon + Suizen, Pictures: >>click_me<<
Acc 5: Celtie + Vyron + Marina, Pictures: >>click_me<<

SOLD Acc 15: Razelt + Vyron + Phiria + Marina + Vagner, Pictures: >>click_me<<
Acc 16: Razelt + Vyron + Cagliostro + Sonia + Nephtim, Pictures: >>click_me<<

//-------- AMERICA REGION --------//


SOLD Acc 20
: Celtie x2 + Razelt + Vyron + Eclair + Marina, Pictures: >>click_me<<
Acc 22: Celtie + Razelt + Inaho + Sonia, Pictures: >>click_me<<

Acc 19: Razelt + Vyron x2 + Clarisse + Sonia, Pictures: >>click_me<<
SOLD Acc 21: Celtie + Vyron + Marina + Belsidia + Nephtim + Leon, Pictures: >>click_me<<
Acc 23: Razelt + Vyron + Cagliostro + Leon, Pictures: >>click_me<<

Acc 13: Razelt + Vyron + Clarisse + Marina, Pictures: >>click_me<<


>>> F.A.Q. <<<

- Are the accounts linked?

All accounts are unlinked/guest accounts.

- How can you link the account?
* Game can be linked to either facebook or a google (or apple, but apple scares me) account.
* You will need to provide me one of these accounts for linking (with both login and password), in both cases you cant have a WF account already linked to these accounts.
* Consider creating a new facebook/google account for linking the game instead of giving me the one with all your personal information on it.
* Google linking is done thru Google Play Games, if you never used it, i'll need to set up profile name on it, you can later change it.
* Newly created Facebook accounts need to wait 60min before they can be linked to anything.
* If you want to link it to your existing google/facebook account, theres a chance we will need to go thru some verification (this could be a popup message asking for a specific number, a code that you get on your phone, etc)
* After the linking I'll give you a guide on how to remove my device from your facebook/google account.

- So how can i get into the account after you link it?
Start the game, and you should get an option for accessing google/facebook after you click on the title screen. Login guide: >>click_me<<
If you already have an account on your device then you can go Menu->Account Info->Logout, and this will kick you to the title screen and give you login options.
If you dont want to lose your old account, make sure to link it somewhere before doing the above.

- Which server is this?
Global server, official launch happened on the 08.09.2021. Th game is divided into regions.
When buying from me, make sure to pick an account that matches your game client region.

- Where can i check my region?
Start the game and get to the title screen. Your region should be written in bottom right corner. Picture: >>click_me<<
If you already have an account, you can check your region under Menu->Account Info.

- So my game client is set to REGION_X but i want to play on an REGION_Y account, can i?
No! Get the game client for the region that you want to play on.
If you try accessing REGION_Y acc on a REGION_X game client, the game will just create an empty guest account.

- Can i change my game client region?
Doesnt looks like it, you'll need to uninstall your game and reinstall it from the region you want to play in.

- Whats the story progression?
Only the tutorial done.

- How many rolls done?
3x10 rolls using starting gems. The 4-5 star ticket is available on all accounts.

- Can i change the ingame name?
Yes, you can change the name under: Menu->Profile->(pen button on the right side)

- Payment method?
Paypal (friends and family)
. Please set it so I'll receive the money as US dollars instead of my local currency. Guide: >>click_me<<

- How do i contact you?
For questions and such you can contact me here or at discord: Enteres#5233
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