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SOLD [EU] Midgame (PvP) account | PvE Done | High G1 Siege

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Selling my midgame Summoners War account.

I am the original owner and no one else ever logged in.
The account comes with a seperate gmail account which is only used for this SW account. (Gmail account has no phone & recovery email attached)
No Facebook account was ever linked.

Price is negotiable, taking offers first.
Listing account details below with some pictures. For in depth details, please drop a PM.

A middleman can be used for the purchase, the fee will be covered by the buyer.
Payment ideally via Paypal F&F, able to offer BTC aswell however.

* Pulled dupe Leo
* New Nat5: Pulled Alicia
* New Nat5: Pulled Karnal

Account details:
  • ~15k Crystals, ~20 Mio Mana
  • 21 devilmons
  • Maxed Energy Regen, Def%, HP%, SPD, CD% tower
    Lv 19 AKT%, Lv 7 Fire% , Lv10 Energy Storage tower.
  • All 4 guild flags Lv 17
PvE details:
  • PvE completely finished.
  • GB12 possibly with either Lushen and/or Laika
  • DB12/NB12/PC10 - Tricaru (see pictures below for times)
  • Standard SF10 team with Ling Ling
  • 100% TOAN Auto, 90% TOAH Auto (special stages). Easily able to 100% auto TOAH with some changes
  • Lumel5
  • BJ5 with ~38k DMG Bale
  • 100% SSS every Rift Beast
  • 1st World Boss SSS, 2nd SS, 3rd either S or SS
PvP details:
  • Account can easily clear low G1
  • Able to compete in mid to high G1 when using correct counter.
  • Able to easily push C1+ Arena if wanted.
  • Hasnt really done a lot of RTA, but mon options are available.
Monster details:
  • Specials: Savannah, Martina (MST built and perfect to use), Halphas, Laika, Leo, Cheongpung, Amelia, Hyanes
  • Other Nat5s: Bellenus, Perna, Tesarion, Jeanne, Borgnine, Mo Long, Taranys, Triton, Raki, Helena, Haegang, Verad, Zaiross, Sagar, Abelion, KEN
  • 2A's: Jultan, Kro, Kahli, Raoq, Spectra, Belladeon, Elucia, Icaru (3x), Lulu, Vigor (2x), Mina (another Lulu and Vigor are 100% 2A EXP and just lack some skill ups to 2A)
  • Pretty much all important Nat4s. (important PvP options built and runed up)
    (Yellow colored names are lv 40 and ready to use)

Incase youre new to the game or a returning player, or just lack some information, Ill always be happy to give advice about specific ingame content such as PvE or some PvP!
This comes with the account. That means youre able to always contact me and ask questions and Ill try to be as helpful as possible.
I am also able to offer some help with rune builds such as using SWOP / SWEX / Swarfarm etc.
One request from my side is to change the accounts ingame name (300 crystals), if possible! (No must do, but id appreciate a lot)

Some pictures of clear times \ tower etc:
>>>>> PvE clear times, tower level <<<<<

If I missed anything important, please let me know and Ill try adding it to the post or reply back via PM etc.

If requested, I am happy to show some of the monsters rune quality.
To contact me, either directly PM me here on EPICNPC or add my Discord:
Discord ID: 513682138424410142

Always make sure youre talking to the actual seller! To prevent talking to scammer of any kind, let the seller confirm via some EpicNPC PM that youre actually talking to them!

Looking forward to hear from anyone.
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Smooth, fast and very serious !

Have been a really smooth buy for me.
Ollowain is an amazing seller and is here to answer questions about account or things. Provide screenshots and more !
Definitly recommend him !
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