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Selling (EU) High End Acc, 62 DK 274/274/296 (2075 SP), 61 Lahn

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TET Giath's Helmet
TET Dim Tree Spirit
TET Urugons
TET Bhegs
TET Offin and TET Kzarka Kriegsmesser
TET Dandelion
TET Nouver
PEN Saiyer
Vell's Heart
TRI Tungrad Earring
Capotia Earing (Reward for reaching lv 62)
2x TET Crescents
TET Ogre Ring
TET Basilisk Belt

For Lahn

TET Kzarka Pendulum
TET Dandelion
TET Kutum


330 Energy / 316 cp
2288M of raw silver

Pearl Items

x1 P2W Tent
2x Marketplace Maid
5x Storage Maid
Blessing of Kamasylve x1 (20 Days) and x1 (7 days)
Permanent horse flute on DK, Lahn and Ranger
Calpheon City Worker's Lodging
Calpheon Worker's Lodging
Port EpheriaWorker's Lodging
Trent Worker's Lodging
Keplan Worker's Lodging

Outfits & Costumes

[DK] Crown Eagle Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
[DK] Sin Terma Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
[DK] Kibelius Divinus Weapon & Outfit Premium Set and Kibelius classic armor (without wings)
[DK] Marine Romance Outfit Set
[DK] Puff Mini Classic Set
[DK] Epheria Marine Classic Set
[DK] Rosa Cassius Classic Set
[DK] Treant Camouflage Premium Set
[DK] Terrminé Outfit Set

[Lahn] Sanguine Weapon & Outfit Premium Set

[Ranger] Treant Camouflage Classic Set
[Ranger] Venecil Dress Set (processing costume)
[Ranger] Canape (cooking costume)
[Ranger] Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit Set (Shark costume)

[Ninja] Desert Camouflage Classic Set

[Sorceress] Treant Camouflage Classic Set

Mount Costumes

Divine Lahr Arcien Horse Gear
Cavaro Horse gear
Terrminé Horse gear


x1 Hedgehog T4
x1 Dog T2
x1 Panda T3
x1 Kuku Bird T3
x1 Hawk T2
x1 Wizard Gosphy T1


T8 White Courser and +8fs for T9

Fairy: T4 https://i.gyazo.com/f875daff7b2f0baca3c03503fb00b87d.png


Fishing: Master 9

Processing: Master 9
Cooking: Master 8

Trading: Master 5
Gathering: Artisan 10
Alchemy: Artisan 7

Sailing: Professional 4
Farming: Skilled 1

Farming: Artisan 7

Other Items of significance

Epheria Sailboat with Blue gear +6
Granverre Horse Gear Set (+6)
x1Map of Unknown Piece [Iron Fist Warder] (Pila Ku)
x1Map of Unknown Piece [Lava Devourer] (Roud Sulphur)
x1Upgraded Compass Parts(Vodkhan) (Hystria)
x62 Loot Scroll
x53 Combat & Skill EXP 530% (60min)
81 Sharp Black Crystal Shard
135 Hard Black Crystal Shard
1342 Blackstone armor
1091 Blackstone Weapon
65 Shakatu seals
84 Valk's Cry


Middleman from EpicNPC websites preferred, buyer pays the fee
PM me on EPICNPC for offers.
Original account and comes with e-mail, change its avaliable.

Price: 1000€
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