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Selling EU Battle.net account WoW, D3, SC2, HotS, Overwatch - Price went down


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Hey guys first time here i'll try to be as detailed as i can about what i'm offering.

EUROPE(EU) Battle.net account

World of Warcraft(no game time currently) lvl 120 Rogue, lvl 120 Demon Hunter(+ lots of alts lvl 100+)
Notable things about the account is 100k+ honorable kills, 2.2k achievement on 3v3, 2k achievement on 2v2
Feats of strength include WoW's 4th anniversary and the olympic games' pet and tabards from 2008 olympic games.
https://safe-armory.com/character/profile/4c7f5ac952ea38df416b8b4c7f9c6779 <- Armory of the rogue you can check out all the achievements you need.
Dark Iron Dwarf unlocked.
146 mounts the more notable ones include:
Core Hound(from the ragnaros feat of strength), Drake of the West Wind(rep), Enchanted Fey Dragon, Brewfest Kodo, Headless Horseman's Mount, Hearthsteed, Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher(glory of the icecrown raider 25man), Minion of Grumpus, Primal Flamesaber, Rivendare's Deathcharger,
Spectral Steed, Swift Forest Strider, Winterspring Frostsaber, X-53 Touring Rocket(2 seater)**

**Might have missed some notable mounts but haven't been in the game from a long time

Diablo 3 Vanilla Collector's Edition + Reaper of Souls + Necromancer Pack:
Many and different characters in the account geared out almost exclusively with ancients.
Got the classic angelic wings + Big Diablo Skull portrait from season 3, Pentagram portrait(best tier), also got 4 pairs of other wings on the account(Wings of Valor, Wings of the Crypt Guardian, Anguish's Grasp, Wings of the Ghost Queen)

Diablo 2 + LoD

StarCraft 2 WoL + HotS bought around 2014

Overwatch account level 322 With lots of limited/seasonal skins

Heroes of the Storm with lots of characters and skins level 333

Got Destiny 2 from the promotion as well but never played it.

Also willing to send the D3 collector's edition box with everything in it included for a bigger total price.(NOT INCLUDED IN TOTAL)

If i think of anything else notable about the account i will update the thread.

Message me here for more info or on skype: nightwolf_12
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