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SOLD eu [597] GS ninja PEN dande TET blackstar pegasus €1400,- RNG carried account.

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Hustler Freddy

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Full p2w account Price for account 1400€ (1.568,67$) excl. middleman fees are for buyer. Server EU

-270/273 AP 326 DP 342 Energy 312 contribution points. ( with TET Nouver 282/285 ap 315dp)
- Pen dande TET blackstar TET fiery kutum full TET accesoires. RNG carried account (TET blackstar 52FS, Pegasus 5FS, PEN dande 126FS, one tapped TET valtarra)
gear crystal.png

-Pegasus with all the skills you need.
-Failstacks: 117fs, 54fs,50fs 20fs.
-Caphras levels: Pen heve lvl11, tet dim lvl4, tet bhegs lvl4, tet muskans lvl4, PEN dande lvl1.
- 5x t4 pets including t4 hedgehog.
-Fairy: Miraculous Cheer V, Feathery steps V, Tingling Breath IV, Fairy's Tear 1.
-Ninja has 192 invent slots, max weight, Master 3 Trade, 2460 Skill points, Breath lvl almost 41, Health 35, Strength 21 and 3 costumes (Blue tiger, Narusawa, Desert camouflage).
-244 Shining medal of honor
-Ton of materials to process.
- Fishing alt 185 inv slots, Master 7 fishing.
-Process/gather alt (61 Musa, 1650 Skill points ) 2247LT weight, Master 18 processing, Artisan 8 gathering, Artisan 6 Alchemy, Desert Ghillie, processing costume and Alchemy costume.
-58 Warrior with Costume.
-Ecology 4759 item droprate +12%.
-18 Character slots.
-Epheria Sailboat.
-P2W Tent.
-Almost all workers are artisans, empire is set up.
-150 days of Value pack left.
-Storage maxed out in Velia, Heidel
-Travel logs completed.
-7 Storage maids, 5 Marketplace maids.
-40 lootscrolls and 43 530 EXP srolls left.

Bought BDO at steam, steamaccount is ready to be verified by new owner. Im the original and first/only owner of the account. I've setup a new emailadress linked to steam which will be fully yours.

Recapp#8403 add me for more info.
stats ninja.png
pegasus 29.png

t4 pets.png
musa lifeskills.png

fish alt.png
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